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PlayStation 4 Charge Cable

Posted in Just something to say with tags , , , , , , , , on December 11, 2016 by getbent57

Braided_Play_And_Charge_Cable_PS4The charge cable that comes with the PlayStation 4 is not bad and works great.  The thing is its not that long.  Have been thinking about buying a longer one for awhile now.  About a week ago while on doing some Christmas shopping.  Seen that they had one for going for $10.00.  Which is a good price since it four meters or twelve feet long.  It is all so braided.  Which makes it much more flexible.  The reviews were good as well.  So ordered one.

When I got it realized that twelve feet is a bit of overkill over me.  However still going to use even if there is about eight feet of it curled up on the floor.   This is the one I bought > here.  As I am typing this (December 4, 2016) the price has gone up to $12.00.  Still worth the money if you has a really big room.