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PS2 Emulation

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How that I have my mini PC set up, Minisforum UM580.  Wanted to give some PlayStation 2 emulation another try with PCSX2 emulator.   This time with what they call Nightly Builds.  This is more like a beta or new version that has features not in the stable release.  Once installed it looks much better and it a lot easier to uses.  It all so configured my PS4 controller.  Only tired one game so far.  It can great.  Now I just need to start ripping some of my other PS2 favourites to try.

PS2 Emulation

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It has been awhile since I have tired out some PlayStation 2 emulation, over a year ago PCSX2 emulator.  Used it a few times but got away from it.  Well a few days ago watched the ETA Prime video, > here.  It shows off an update version of this emulator.  They over hauled the the look and a lot of features.  The only thing is, as of typing this (May 24, 2022) it’s not a stable release yet.  It is what they call Nightly Builds.  Theses are builds that are still in development.  Thinking I am going to try play some more of my old PS2 games again.

PCSX2 Using Cheat Codes

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Made a post last week talking about messing around with the PCSX2 emulator.  This lets you play PS2 games on your computer.  Got thinking there must be a way to use cheat codes, like from GameShark and the like.  Turns out you can but it takes a bit off time to set up.  Looked up some how-tos on YouTube.  There are a few but the people were making way to hard to follow along.   Making it very unclear how to go about it.  Well, after a few tries I got it working.  So thinking I will make my how-to for the YouTube channel,  I’d Rather Watch Paint Dry.

PS2 Emulation

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PCSX2_LogoIt was back in 2019 I first gave PlayStation 2 emulation a try with soft modding my PS2.  While it works (with some games) it’s a bit of a pain adding games to the hard drive.  Well gave emulation another try, but this time on my computer.  Use PCSX2 emulator.  Have know about this program for many years but never gave it a try.  It all ways seem to complicated to setup.  Looked at some how to videos and that made it much easier.  So gave it a try a few nights ago.  Got it working pretty quickly.  Once cool feature is, it can upscale games.  The few I tired looked great running at 1080.  Now going to look thought my old stack of games a pick one to play though.