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Car Model Kit

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Hornby_Airfix_Ford_Fiesta_RS_WRC.jpgThe car model kit and supplies I order came in the mail the other day (August 25, 2016).  Took a week to get here which is not bad at all since the stuff came all the way from B.C..   The kit is the Hornby Airfix Ford Fiesta RS WRC Car.  It is a 1:32 scale.  Which I didn’t realize is pretty small compared to kits I put together when I was kid.  All so bought a tool kit > here.  Not sure how good it will be.  But better than using an old pocket knife.  Just need to get some glue and paint.  In that department.  Plan to keep it simple.  May be three to four colours.  Below are some pictures of the items.



Model Kit And Supplies

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Hornby_Airfix_Ford_Fiesta_RS_WRCA few post back talked about model kits and how I used to put them together has a kid.  Will have ordered one online.  As well as a few supplies.  The three things I order are from   Are a four set paint brushes and a tool set, which you can see > here.  Never had any a tool set before so this will make putting the kit together mush easier.  The mode kit is a Hornby Airfix Ford Fiesta RS WRC Car.  You can see what that looks like > here.    All I have to get now is some paint and glue.  Going to get those locally.  There is a craft store in town I hope has the glue.  We be back with an update when the order comes in.

Model Kits

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ModelKit.jpgBack in August of 2011 made a post talking about model kits.  How I would like to get back into putting them together.  But never did.  When I was a kid made many of this.  Sure they didn’t turn out so great.  Mostly because I didn’t know what I was doing.  All so didn’t have the tools.  Back then was well, you could find all kinds of kits to buy.  There was a whole section in the toy aisle.  There was even a hobby store in the mall.  Those days a gone.  However the internet to the rescue.  Found some nice kits and tools on my favourite online store,, for some reasonable prices.  So strongly thinking about ordering some stuff.

Model Kits

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ModelKit Have been thinking about starting to build model kits again.  Made a few of the years as a kid.  They never turned out that good part because I didn’t know what I was doing and the all so because I didn’t have the right tools.  Used a crappy pocket knife and toothpicks for putting the glue on.   Now that I have a little more money than I did when I was a kid.  Will be able to buy the the right tools and stuff.  One problem is you don’t see them around much any more. Will just have to look around and see what is out there.  Some motorcycle models would be cool.