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Raspberry Pi 3 Kit

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Raspberry_Pi.pngWas looking though some old post and came across the one I made of the Raspberry Pi 3 kit.  It was five years ago I bought this kit off Amazon so I could run RetroPie.  Sadly I haven’t used this in a very long time.  Thought about getting a new Pi but the same thing would happen.  Would have lots of fun a first but would end up putting it aside.  Because I would get board and play more modern games on my PS4.  That being said it was well worth the price and having it.  May be some day will jump back into the old games.

RetroPie + PS3 Controller

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Have been using RetroPie running on a Raspberry Pi 3 since the summer of 2016.  Must say it was pretty easy to set up and use.  The only problem I had back then was getting my PS3 controller to work wirelessly.  Have some searches on YouTube got it working.  Well the other day decided it was time to update to the newest version of RetroPie, versions 4.3 .  You can got this through a menu screen.  For some reason it didn’t work right.  So decided to start from scratch.

It is even easier to setup now.  All so every impressed at how much faster it runs and looks.  All so even easier to get a PS3 controller setup.  Found a step by step which works perfectly.  You can read how > here.  Scroll down to the heading, “Using the RetroPie GUI to configure the PS3 Controller Bluetooth Connection”

PIXEL For PC And Mac

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Raspberry_Pi.pngBack in June (2016) got myself a Raspberry Pi 3 kit so I could run RetroPie on it.  The Pi was designed to be a low cost computer which uses as version of Linux.  If you buy a kit it comes with what they call PIXEL pre-installed on a SD card.  Just before Christmas they announced that there is now a version of PIXEL which can run on PC or Mac.  Think it this is pretty cool.  You can run it off a UBS drive, or DVD.  However it is still prototype mode. So you can’t install in on your computer yet.  But think there is will be a full release soon.  If you want to try it out of read more about it go > here.

RetroPie + PS3 Analog Sticks

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RetroPie.pngAbout a month a got bought a Raspberry Pi 3 kit so I could run RetroPie.  This kit and program lets you play old games.  Was having some trouble.  For some reason could not get the analog sticks to work with in the PlayStation emulator.  Sure its fun to play some game using the Dpad but much more fun to use the sticks to more around.  So looked it up how to get them to work with not much luck.  Well that was until I changed up my search words.  Then found a very helpful and easy fix.  All you have to do to get the sticks to work is turn on the analog option in a menu.  The thing is if you don’t know were or how to get the menus, like myself.  How would know were to look.   To get to this inner menus you just press/hold Select then the Triangle.  Then move to the Options and turn the Control from Standard to Analog.   You can see that video > here or below on how to do it.

Road Rash Video Games

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Road_Rash_3Have been trying out a bunch of different game with RetroPie running on a  Raspberry Pi 3 kit.  Was trying to think of old Sega Genesis game my brother and I used to rent back in the day.  Then it hit me, Road Rash.   The one I remember most is Road Rash 3: Tour De Force.  Decided to play the first two before playing this one.  They all pretty much the same at the core.  You race a motorcycles dodging obstacles and other racers.  While trying to knock them off their motorcycles.  The first game was out in 1991 then in 92 the second one was out.  You can see a big jump in the graphics.  In 1995 the third game was out.  This third one is much more fun than the other two.  The motorcycles control better.  Another good feature it has, you can keep you weapons between races.

TOCA Championship Racing

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TOCA_Championship_RacingA few post back talked about how I ordered a The Raspberry Pi 3 and going to use it run RetroPie.  Which is a game emulator.  Was trying to think up so old games I all ways wanted to try.  Then TOCA Championship Racing came to mind.  For many years I would collect the Official U.S. PlayStation Magazine.  This magazine run for about ten years.  Just about right up the the end it would come with a demo disc.  During the PlayStation (one) era this disc had lots of great stuff.  One that I can still remember is the TOCA demo.  Mostly because we all played it for hours.  Think it had only one track but it was fun because you can totally trash the car.  When you crashed part or parts of the car would go flying off.  So we used to just drive the track backwards to see how much chaos we could cause.


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RetroPieHad some time now to tinker with RetroPie.  This programs run on a Raspberry Pi (or a computer) which lets you play old games.  Last week got a Raspberry Pi 3 kit I ordered just to use this program.  First off it is pretty easy to setup.  Their is a very helpful video on the website which you can see > here.  Once everything is put together and setup. It all works pretty well.   So had some trouble getting a few games to work most with  MAME (this plays old arcade games).  The only real problem I ran into was trying to get my PS3 controller to work over Bluetooth.  Sure you can use it just fine plugged in.  But it would be nice to sit back from the TV.  Will keep looking into that to see if there is a fix.  Over all am pretty happy how it all works.

Raspberry Pi 3 Kit

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Raspberry_Pi.pngMy Raspberry Pi 3 kit came in the mail today.  Am very excited.  Ordered it back on June 20, 2016.  So look about a week to get here.  While I was wait have be going over how to set up RetroPie.   This software turns the Pi into an emulation game system.  Below you can see some pictures of what it looks like.   Will keep posting updates on who it is going with the setup.





Ordered A Raspberry Pi 3

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Raspberry_Pi.pngBack in May (2016) made a post talking about the The Raspberry Pi 3.  This is a small computer that can fit in your palm of you hand.  There is all kinds of cool projects and things you can do with them.  The thing that made interested was that you can turn it into a emulation game system.  There is an whole OS/program thing called RetroPie.  Which is designed just for the Raspberry Pi’s.  Should have mine some time next week.  Will be taking pictures and updates posts on everything is going.  Ordered a kit from > here.

Raspberry Pi 3

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Raspberry_PiFor a few years now have read and seen things about Raspberry Pi.  If you never heard of this.  Basically it is a very small computer that can fit in your palm of you hand.  It has USB ports and the like.  Was designed to be used for teaching computer science and programing on the cheap.  It cost around $35.  People have taking these and have made all kinds of cool and crazy things.

Found out the other day they have a new version out called The Raspberry Pi 3.  This new version is faster of course.  The big updates it has build in Bluetooth and Wi-fi.  The reason I am taking about his cool device is.  Found out people have been turning them in the game emulation machine.  There is a website called RetroPie that shows how it is done.  Has all kinds of help, videos and documents.   It all looks pretty sweet.

Am now very interested in getting one.  You can just by the device it’s self.  Found a place that sells them in Canadian money > here for $46.13.   However over at they have a kit  > here that comes with the Pi, a case, power adapter, 32 GB MicroSD card, heat sinks and a HDMI cable for $100.00.  Which if you were to try and piece out all these items on your own might end of costing you more.

Thinking about getting one of these.  It all looks pretty cool.  Watched the video on the RetroPie and it seems like I would be able to do that.  I even have a PS3 controller and a USB keyboard.  Going to think on it.  Have a birthday coming up.  These might be the gift to myself.