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Raspberry Pi 3 Kit

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Raspberry_Pi.pngWas looking though some old post and came across the one I made of the Raspberry Pi 3 kit.  It was five years ago I bought this kit off Amazon so I could run RetroPie.  Sadly I haven’t used this in a very long time.  Thought about getting a new Pi but the same thing would happen.  Would have lots of fun a first but would end up putting it aside.  Because I would get board and play more modern games on my PS4.  That being said it was well worth the price and having it.  May be some day will jump back into the old games.


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RetroPieHad some time now to tinker with RetroPie.  This programs run on a Raspberry Pi (or a computer) which lets you play old games.  Last week got a Raspberry Pi 3 kit I ordered just to use this program.  First off it is pretty easy to setup.  Their is a very helpful video on the website which you can see > here.  Once everything is put together and setup. It all works pretty well.   So had some trouble getting a few games to work most with  MAME (this plays old arcade games).  The only real problem I ran into was trying to get my PS3 controller to work over Bluetooth.  Sure you can use it just fine plugged in.  But it would be nice to sit back from the TV.  Will keep looking into that to see if there is a fix.  Over all am pretty happy how it all works.

Raspberry Pi 3 Kit

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Raspberry_Pi.pngMy Raspberry Pi 3 kit came in the mail today.  Am very excited.  Ordered it back on June 20, 2016.  So look about a week to get here.  While I was wait have be going over how to set up RetroPie.   This software turns the Pi into an emulation game system.  Below you can see some pictures of what it looks like.   Will keep posting updates on who it is going with the setup.





Ordered A Raspberry Pi 3

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Raspberry_Pi.pngBack in May (2016) made a post talking about the The Raspberry Pi 3.  This is a small computer that can fit in your palm of you hand.  There is all kinds of cool projects and things you can do with them.  The thing that made interested was that you can turn it into a emulation game system.  There is an whole OS/program thing called RetroPie.  Which is designed just for the Raspberry Pi’s.  Should have mine some time next week.  Will be taking pictures and updates posts on everything is going.  Ordered a kit from > here.