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OCC Show

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OCCLooks like Orange Country Choppers is coming back with a new show.  Which is being called the OCC Show.  You might remember they were a big hit on the Discovery Channel.  With their show called American Chopper.  It was on TV for years.   When that ended, years later the were on CMT for a bit.  The twist with this new show is they are doing it all themselves.  So everyone will be able to watch.  It will be an online.  They are filming it now.   I will be checking it out when it out.  Will be back with more info when there some.

Orange County Choppers

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OCC.jpgThe first episode of Orange County Choppers new TV show aired this past Saturday (November 16, 2013) on CMT.  Well on CMT in the States.  You can see the full episode on their website but only if you are in the States.  I dislike when websites region lock videos.  I am sure there are legal reasons why.  How ever there are ways around it.  Wanted to see this, so found a way.   Wanted to see how this show would compare to American Chopper.  Well they look identical  with the camera moves and how they work in the B roll.  The two things that stick out that are different about the shows other than some of the people are,  they show a check list on the sided of the screen showing were they are in the build.  The other cool thing is at the end of the show.  They really show off the bike.  They have it a black room with the lights shining on the bike while it spins.  Then go into detail about the bike by zooming in and talking about each piece.  Over all the show was pretty good.  More of what you all ready know.  They didn’t change the formula that much.  The show might have a new name and on a different network but it pretty much the same thing as American Chopper.

Orange County Choppers

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OCCIf you were/are a fan of American Chopper.  The gang for OCC will be back on TV in called Orange County Choppers.  This series is to air on CMT.  Staring on November 16th.  If you check out the preview video > here or below it looks like it will pretty much be the same but different at the same time.  Not sure if it will be airing here in Canada on our CMT channel but I hope it does.  Would like to see it.  The old show was a big hit.   But went off the rails a bit when the two Paul’s had there falling out.   All lot of people are more a fan of Jr.  so we will see if the new show can last  with out him.

American Chopper Series Finale

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american-chopper-998x140 The last show of American Chopper airs tonight (Feb 11, 2010).  It is sad to see the show go but it hasn’t been the same in a long time.   When they had the “big” fall out the show has gone down hill.   I think they got too big too fast.  It seemed to loose its charm when Vinnie left.  Then they moved into the huge new shop.  I would like them to start some thing of a spin off.  I guest will we have to wait and see.

More OCC Chopper Pictures

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cb-bikefest-thumb.jpgI found some more pictures of the OCC Chopper made for The Northside Hospital Foundation.  Which win be won at the end of the Cape Breton Bikefest: Thunder in the Highlands.  Found them on Scott McIntyre’s blog.  He is a photographer you can find more info about him and his work here.


OCC Chopper Video

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cb-bikefest-thumb.jpgWell I put the pictures and the two video clips I took of the OCC bike together.  I think it turned out all right.

Saw The OCC Bike

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cb-bikefest-thumb.jpgYesterday (June 18, 2009) I made a post about the Orange County Choppers bike they made for The Northside Hospital Foundation.  Well I went to see the “unveiling” at the casino parking lot.  There were a few people there.  Thought there would have been a lot more.  The guy taking about it said it would be the last bike that Paul Sr., Paul Jr. and Mikey would sign.  Since that Paul Jr. no longer works for OCC.  The estimate for the bike is at $95,000.00.  What they did was customize their production bike The OCC Greenie.  It looks pretty cool in person.  Took some pictures and two small video clips.  Going to put them together for a video for YouTube.  In the mean time here are some pictures.