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No Man’s Sky Frontiers Update

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This past (August 9, 2021) was the 5th anniversary for No Man’s Sky.  On that day they teased a new update called Frontiers.   Well it is out today (September 1, 2022).  I have it downloaded but haven’t tired it yet.  Did watch the trailer which you can see > here or below.  This update lets you become an overseer of a settlement. In which you can build up, customize and make money from.   They have all so update the build menu as well many bug fixes.  It doesn’t look pretty cool.  Oh, another thing I am happy to see is they added more save lots. It went from 5 to 15.  Going to give it a try a little later today.  Will be back with an update.

No Man’s Sky 5th Anniversary

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It is kind of hard to believe that No Man’s Sky has been our for five years as of today (August 9, 2021).  I bought the game day one and have enjoyed so much over the years.  They have give us many awesome updates and patches.  Hello Game put out a video to celebrate this anniversary on their YouTube channel. Which you can see > here or below.  At the end they announce there is a new update coming called Frontiers.  Not sure what it is about yet or when it will be out.  Will be keeping my eye out for more information.