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No Man’s Sky Update

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No_Mans_Sky.jpgHave been playing No Man’s Sky about three weeks now.  Know there is a lot a negative things people are saying.  Think mostly because it didn’t live up to what they wanted the game to be.   I on the other had am still having lots of fun with this game.  So far have spent most of my time colleting elements to sell.  So I can buy the suit upgrades (slots) when I come across them.  Every time you find a drop pod with one.  It will cost ten thousand units (money) then the one before it.  At this moment have 41 slots.  Think the most you can have for your suit and ship is 48.  Speaking of the ships have upgrade once.  The other thing you can upgrade/buy is a new multi tool.  Done that about four times.  With the new slots you can add more tech.   That goes with the suit and ship as well.   The idea is to have more slot so you an carry more stuff but all so improve you tech.

No Man’s Sky

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No_Mans_Sky.jpgAs I am typing this post(August 11, 2016) have had No Man’s Sky for two days.   Have got more used to the game mechanics and how the inventory systems work.  The inventory for you suit and ship work on slots.  So the more slots you have the more stuff you can carry.  These slots can all so be used to hold tech upgrades.  So this makes the inventory management interesting at times.   Of courses you can get more if you find upgrades to your suit or buy a new ship.  Did find a broken down ship.  but it only had one extra slot so left it here.  On the space stations you can trade with NPC’s.  All so buy their ships.  Seen a really nice one.  Sadly it was over a million Units (money) to buy.  Will have to get some more Units and dream a little smaller for a new ship upgrade.

So far have spent most of my time on one planet exploring and mining.  It is very easy to get distracted.  Found so many camps, outposts and the like around pretty much every corner.  It is well worth the time checking these out.  Found all kinds of useful things.  Like upgrades, money, health and stuff to sell.

Having a blast so far paying this game.  Have only seen one tiny part of what this game has to offer.  Can’t wait to see what else there is.

No Man’s Sky Hands On

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No_Mans_Sky.jpgYes, once again talking a bout No Man’s Sky.  The game was out today, August 9, 2016.  Like I said in just about very post I made about this game.  Have been looking forward to playing ever since it was first shown off years ago.  However was on the fences about buying.  The said I going to buy it any way so I did.  Been along time since I bought myself a new one.  Sure bought a few small games off the PlayStation Store.  The last big game I bought was The Division back in March (2016).

Before buying the game watch a two hour live stream on  Which had me sold.  Then you put the game in the PS4 it installs pretty fast.  The day one patch is pretty small as well.  Around 500 GB.  That is very rare to have one that size now a days.

The game starts off with you on a random planet with a broken ship.  The planet I started on had some kind of acid rain.  Which can hunt you over time.  The goal is to find the elements to craft stuff to fix the ship.  They want you get into space.  After I fixed the ship up.  Flown around a bit exploring.  There is all kinds of stuff to look at.  Which is one part of the game.  You will be discovering all kinds of elements, plant life and animals.  All which you can name.  The main hook of the game is get money, called Units.  Which you can get my discovering, mining, selling and trading.  The units can be used to upgrade parts of your suit, ship and multitool.  You can all so find this stuff out in the world.

Played about two hours so far.  Was sucked in right way.  Sure this game might not be for everyone.  But if you like games were you do lots of exploring and picking up stuff.  Its worth talking a look at.

No Man’s Sky

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No_Mans_Sky.jpgAbout less then a week to go before No Man’s Sky is finely out.  August 9th, 2016 will be the day.  Have been looking forward to playing this game ever since they first showed it of at E3 years go.  There hasn’t been much big press leading up to the release.  However they have put out four videos showing the four pillars of gameplay.  You can see them all in the links or below.  Am hoping some of the big game websites will have some lets play videos out before the game.  As much as I still want the game there is a bit of hesitation.

Pillars trailers Explore, Fight, Trade, Survive