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Painting A 3D Model

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A few posts back talked about painting 3D prints that I made with the Elegoo Neptune 2.  In that one was going to practices on a No Man’s Sky ship model (this one > here).  Well decided to try something a bit simpler first.  My brother wanted a shotgun shell.  Found one (> here) that is hollow.  So the top comes off so you can put things in it.  Printed it at 200% upscaled in black PLA.  It turned out great.  It was now time to paint.  First primed it grey.  That takes about 24 hours to set.  Next up taped up the bottom of the shell.  As not to get any red paint on that part.  The red took three coats.  After that painted the bottom with brushed bronze.   Again that took three coats.  The next day sprayed it will a clear coat.  That is so you can touch without the paint coming off.  Painted with acrylic, which is water based.   Am very happy with the way it turned out.

Painting 3D Prints

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If you have stopped by this blog the past few months you might now that I got myself an Elegoo Neptune 2.  While I was on vacation decided it was time to try and paint some of the things I have printed.  Have never do that before so looked at some videos on YouTube.  Seems pretty straight forward, it just takes a lot of practices to make it look good.  Do have a really big print of a troll that has lots of detail.  But think I will wait on panting that.  So going to practices on the No Man’s Sky ship model (this one > here) found on Thingiverse.

Elegoo Neptune 2 – No Man’s Sky Ship

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ELEGOO_Neptune_2.jpgYep, talking about the Elegoo Neptune 2 FDM 3D Printer again.  Found some very cool to print over at Thingiverse.  It is a ship model from the game No Man’s Sky.  Which you can check out > here.   Am a big fan of that game so it was prefect thing to try.  At first scaled it down by 50% just to see.  That one I add supports to it.  Which really didn’t help.  Because when I tried to remove them, ended up break one of the wings.  The next day gave the full size model a go.  Without supports but added a brim.  This one turned out a lot better.  There is a few spots that need to be sanded.  Over all am very happy how it turned out.  Do believe it took a bit over four hours to print.