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No Man’s Sky NEXT Hands On

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I bought a copy of No Man’s Sky when it came out back in August 2016.  Really enjoyed the time played.  That being said have not touched it since November of that year.  Even when they put of the many updates.  Now that the NEXT update was out (July 24, 2018) decided to jump back in.  At first was going to just start from my original save.  But with all this new things add thinking it would be hard to figure everything out.  So started a new save file.

Going to say the game is so much better now.  Have had a blast playing so far.  They have add so much.  What I has seen so far that helps is there is a tutorial.  You start off with very little and not too far from your ship.  It gives you small quest to get you up and flying around.  Makes the game far less confusing. Going to keep playing.  It helps a friend has bought a copy so we can try out the multiplayer.  Which works great.  You stick together or go off and do your own thing.

No Man’s Sky NEXT Update

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Been awhile since I talked about No Man’s Sky.  Bought this game when it first came out and enjoyed it.  There have been many fixes and updates along the way.  Just never really went back to the game.  There has been a lot of hate about it on the internet.  Thinking that will change when there new update.  Which they are calling NEXT will be out soon.  July 24, 2018 soon.  That is all so the day the game is out on Xbox One.  That version will have the the new stuff added.  The PS4 and PC version are get the update for free.  The only thing I know they are adding for sure in multiplayer.  As the day comes closer am sure there will get all kinds of info out.  Plan to jump back in to see all the changes.

[Update] Starting working on this post days ago.  Well today (July 17, 2018) there is new info and a trailer about this NEXT update.  You can see the trailer > here.  Over at the PlayStation Blog the have a nice post breaking down what this does to the game.  You can read that > here.  Some of the standout stuff for me, is being able to play with friends, build more than one base, and play in third person.  Of course there is a lot more than that.  Just read the link above.  Not sure how big the download file will be.  Don’t think it will be too big since the game it’s self is much smaller than most PS4 games.  Very much plan to check this out on July 24, 2018.