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No Man’s Sky Waypoint

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Have put a bit more time into No Man’s Sky Waypoint update.  When I first did the update it was 4.02 or .03 (I forget).  Found the game wasn’t running well at all.  Was working on get more slots with the new drop pod feature.   Every so many the game would crash.  All so the fan on my PS4 was ramping up a lot.  Then 4.04 patch came out.   This seemed to fix those problems.  Was able to get more inventory slots and the game didn’t crash once.  The fan on the PS4 was running since a quite.   My goal now is to max out the slots in tech part of the suit inventory so I can put back the upgrades I all ready had back in.

No Man’s Sky Waypoint – Hands On

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Tired out the new No Man’s Sky update Waypoint.  There is a lot of good with this but all so some bad.  The good is they give you a lot more inventory space.  However sine they re-worked how all that works.  It removes a lot the upgrades you might have installed in you suit and ship.   You still have them but are uninstalled at put in your regular inventory.   So now we have to get those slots unlocked.  This will be what I will be doing, so I can get my suit and ship back to the way it was before.

No Man’s Sky Waypoint (4.0) Update

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Awesome news to share.  There is new update out today (October 7, 2022) for No Man’s Sky.   It is called Waypoint the 4.0 update.  This one really over hauls a lot to stuff.  One thing I really like is they changed around the inventory and made it so you can hold more things.  Then there is this thing they are calling the Trade Rocket.  When on a planet, you call it in.  Put the stuff you want to sell and it takes off to be sold.  Think that is pretty cool.  There is a some much more to it.  You can read all it does by click the link above.  All so check out the trailer > here or below.

Six Years Of No Man’s Sky

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This (August 9, 2022) is  the sixth anniversary for No Man’s Sky.  It is the only game that I bought day one that I still play.  Sure, have put lots of time into GTA 5 or Crash Bandicoot 2.  Think is is because the keep adding awesome new things.  All so with expedition this has me want to keep playing.  Do hope they have more content or expedition lined up in the future.

No Man’s Sky Expedition: Polestar Finished

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Finished the No Man’s Sky expedition, Polestar a few nights ago.  Took me around seven hours over a few nights.  Really enjoyed this one.  All the tasks are straightforward.  Only had to look up how to find pirates.  You need to take out 16 of them. During my play though, took out four.  The best way to do this is, find an outlaw station.  The choose the pirate missions from the NPC.  If you own No Man’s Sky and haven’t tried this expedition yet.  You should, well worth the time.

No Man’s Sky Expedition: Polestar Hands On

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Have been working my way thought the new No Man’s Sky expedition, Polestar.  This one has been really fun so far.  All the milestones I have done are straight to the point.  As I am typing this, have put in about three hours over two todays and was never board.  All so haven’t ran into any trouble on what to do next.  But if I do there is lots of good help on YouTube.

No Man’s Sky Expedition: Polestar

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The eighth expedition, Polestar, for No Man’s Sky is out now (July 27, 2022).   Played all the other but ever finished the seventh one called Leviathan.  While liked the idea of the permadeath/roguelike.  Just found it too hard and not every fun.  This one the other hand looks great.  The others you have five to six weeks to complete it.  Have download the patch for it.  Going to give it a try have supper.

No Man’s Sky Endurance Update

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There is a new update for No Man’s Sky called Endurance.  The main focus on this update is around capital ships.  However they added or made better so many other things as well.  With every new update there will be an Expedition called, Polestar, to go along with it.  That is not out yet, but when it starts will blog about it.  One feature they add I am liking, is the new asteroids.  There are more of them, in different sixes and colours.  You can see the trailer > here or below.  Click the link above to read everything it adds.

No Man’s Sky Expedition: Leviathan

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The seventh expedition, Leviathan, has been out for about two week now for No Man’s Sky.  Did complete all the others.  However don’t think I will be with this one.  While I like the idea of permadeath/roguelike they have setup.  It is just not for me.  Going to give it one more try and see how far I can get.  But know I will die again and will just stop playing.

No Man’s Sky Expedition: Leviathan

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Great news to share.  There is a new expedition out now (May 25, 2022) for No Man’s Sky.  This seventh one is called Leviathan.  While I haven’t tired it yet.  Have read the website.  This one will play much different than the others.  You are stuck in a time loop.  Meaning it has roguelike elements.  So when you die the loop resets.  Not sure that will work yet.  Thinking I will most likely be needing to watch some YouTube to finish this.  You can check out the trailer > here or below.