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No Man’s Sky – Let’s Talk

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In this weeks video for the YouTube Channel, I’d Rather Watch Paint Dry, talk about No Man’s Sky.  Have been a fan since day one.  When it was out played well over fifty hours. Then last year (2018) then the NEXT update was out.  Started over from scratch and put another fifty some hours in. This time with the BEYOND update. I jumped back in. The game is so much better now. If you haven’t tried this game yet. Now is the time.  You can see the video > here or below.  Would you like to see more No Man’s Sky videos?  Let me know.


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No Man’s Sky

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No_Mans_Sky.jpgThe more I see and read about No Man’s Sky the more interested I get.  The way the game looks and the art style grabs your attention for sure.  However it is the way the game plays that has my most interested.  About two weeks ago made a post talking about a game play video which you can see > here.  It looks amazing and fun.  May be I have fallen for the hype.  But may be that could be a good thing.  Since that video was out.  PlayStation has put out two more.  One talking about the art.  Which you can see > here.   The second one talks about the Lore of the game.  Which you can see > here or below.  This one is pretty cool.  The game itself doesn’t have a story.  You make your own story.  However the whole universe and each planet has a history/lord to it.  Think I will be buying this game when it comes out.  Which is June 21, 2016.  Am pretty sure they will be showing this off again at this years (2016) E3.

No Man’s Sky

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No_Mans_SkyThere are some many awesome video games coming out.  Some of which we have known about for years now.  One of which is No Man’s Sky.  First seen this game at E3 2014.  Ever since there has been lots of talk about it.  In resent months there have bee more and more video’s and articles taking about the game.  Have watched a few of these.  All which make this game look pretty awesome and something very different.  What makes this standout out some much besides how it looks.  Is how big the word is.  Shouldn’t say world, it an open universe that is procedurally generated.  They throwing around numbers that read in quintillions.  Am very interested in trying the game out.  PlayStation put out a nice fifth teen minute video showing off what you will be doing.  Give it a watch > here or below.  The game will be out June 21, 2016.