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No Man’s Sky Expedition: Exobiology Finished

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A few nights ago finished the No Man’s Sky expedition Exobiology.   Took me about 14 hours to complete.  Am sure I could have done it faster but was enjoying taking my time.  Did play the other four expeditions and must say this one was my favourite.  While I did have to look up some help with some of the tasks.  The rest were simpler to do.  If you haven’t gave this one a try yet.  Do believe (as I am typing this March 11, 2022) there is three weeks left before it ends.

No Man’s Sky Expedition: Exobiology Help

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Have been working my way though the new No Man’s Sky expedition Exobiology.  Some of the tasks are pretty easy.  Other just take more time.  There there are a bunch I had know idea how to complete.  That is were YouTube came to help.  There are lots of great No Man’s Sky channels.  Came across one I never seen before and he did a great job show how to complete some of the hard tasks.   Like collecting the different types of milk and eggs.  As well as find the Beetles.  The user is Beeblebum.   You can see that video > here or below.

No Man’s Sky Expedition: Exobiology

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Have been posting a lot about No Man’s Sky as of late.  Over a week ago they put out the update called Sentinel.  In the patch notes they said a new expedition was on they way.  Well on February 24, 2022 this new expedition called Exobiology started.  It will run about Six weeks.  This is the fifth expedition.  Have done all the others so will be giving this one a go as well.