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No Man’s Sky Expedition: Emergence Done

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A few post back talked about being all most done No Man’s Sky, fourth Expedition (4th) called Emergence. Shortly after writing that finished the last set of goals.  I had the most fun with this one.  While the first one was cool and the other two were ok.  This one was more to the point and had some storyline to go along with it.  This all so add new items to the game.  So going to see if I can find those in my main save.  One (I forget the name of it at the moment) is really good for getting nanites.  If you own the game it is well worth you time doing.

No Man’s Sky Expedition: Emergence All Most Done

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Am having a good time playing No Man’s Sky, fourth Expedition (4th) called Emergence.  Played the other three and this one is best so far.  The goals they set were simple yet worth doing.  Saying that did have to look up some help.  In the others some of the goals were just a big pain to do.  Another standout so far is, there is a story they are tell about the worms.  I have one last set of goals to do.  Will be back with an update once that is done.  If you do own a copy of No Man’s sky.  This is well worth the time doing.  As I am typing this there should be four weeks left to do it.

No Man’s Sky Expedition: Emergence

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A nice surprise out today (October 20, 2021) for No Man’s Sky.  The fourth Expedition (4th) called Emergence is out.  This one runs for five weeks.  The big draw this time is they add big sand worms.  Which you can fight and tame.  The other big thing is there is a story to go along with it.  Have enjoyed doing the other three expeditions.  So will be doing this one as well.  You can check out the trailer > here or below.