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Nintendo Switch

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Nintendo_SwitchAbout two years got to try a Nintendo Switch out.  Then only played it a bit multiplayer.  Well the other night got try another one for a bit longer.  Going to say I have never owed a Nintendo system and don’t think I will be with the Switch.  Saying that I do think it is cool and interesting.  There are only a few games that have my interest.  Then there is the price.  It never seems to go down.  Even the games that have been out for four years are still day one prices.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

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Super_Smash_Bros_UltimateOver the years have played many games on Nintendo systems but never owned one.  Have been thinking about getting a Switch just to play the Zelda game.  However it is a lot of money just to play one game.  A few nights a got to see the Zelda game in person.  Liked what I seen.  Think I will still wait for a big price drop before jumping in.  The reason for this post is we played four player Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.  Seen many videos on this game and the others that came before it.  Never understood what was going on.  It just came across as a bunch of flashing lights on screen.  After trying this game out understand it a bit more.  The goal is to knock the other players off the map.  I just press some buttons and hoped for the best.  Found it really hard to find my character on the screen at times.  After a rounds understood it a bit more.  We did have some fun.  That being said the game is not for me.  Would get bored of it pretty quickly.


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It was last January (2018) it first heard about NESmaker.  It was was on Kickstarter then.  Now is out for everyone who wants to buy it.  This program lets you makes NES (original Nintendo) games with out know how to code.  Which is cool.  But there is more.  You can buy a kit what you can flash your game in a new cart. Which can be played in the original nes or a clone system.  But you can all so run the games though emulation.  They have a bunch of great tutorials on there site > The New 8-bit  Haven’t tried out because it cost $36.00US.  This is not a bad price just don’t know if I would use it enough to justify the price.


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NESmakerCame across a cool program on KickStarter night now (Jan 2018).  It is called NESMaker.  This let you make original NES (Nintendo) game with out any coding.  There are a bunch of programs out there that you make games with out knowing any code.   However this one stands out not just because it makes NES games.  It will all so let you flash the game rom to a brand new reusable cartridge.  This will let you play the game on a real NES or any of the clones.  Or you could just run the rom on PC though an emulator.  This all sounds pretty cool.  You can find out more by clicking the link above or going to The New 8-bit site.


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vnes Found out about the website a few days ago.  This website has a bunch of old Nintendo games that you can play right on their site.  It looks like they have just about every game you might remember from back in the day.  So if you remember the old NES you need to check this site out.