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Army Of The Dead – Official Teaser

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Army_Of_The_DeadIt was back in January (2021) we got a very short clip of the movie, Army Of The Dead.  Well there is now a even bigger teaser out.  Netflix put it on their YouTube channel on February 25th.  Which you can see > here or below.  Looks like it will be a very fun movie to watch.  We just have to wait a few more months. It will be on the service May 21, 2021.

Army Of The Dead

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Army_Of_The_DeadHave hear about this movie Army Of The Dead a long while back.  This is a different twist on a zombie movie.  It has a group of mercenaries trying to pull of a heist in an zombie filled outbreak.  As I am typing this there is no official trailer.  Just a few seconds of it are mixed into the video > here or below.  That video highlights a whole bunch of movies coming to Netflix in 2021.  This movie being one.  When there is a trailer and of released date will be back with an update.