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Napoleon Dynamite: Impeach Pedro

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Napoleon_Dynamite_Impeach_PedroHad know idea there was a Napoleon Dynamite comic book.  Turns out there is a trade paper back out now called Napoleon Dynamite: Impeach Pedro.  Did enjoy the movie when it was out in the early 2000’s.  There was all so a short run animated tv show that aired back in 2012.  From what I can remember the show was pretty good as well.  Thinking the next time I plan on getting some new trades might had this one to the list.

Napoleon Dynamite

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NapoleonDynamite Re-watched Napoleon Dynamite today.  Seen this movie long before I stared blogging.  Not going to review but going to say it still holds up well.  First seen this back in 2005.  Made me laugh then and it made be laugh all over again today.  If you have not ever seen this movie you need to give it a rent.  Have never seen any movie like it before or after.  Has to be one the best independent movies off all time.  I hope they keep the cartoon version of Napoleon Dynamite on the air. Because it is just as funny as the movie.

Napoleon Dynamite TV Show

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NapoleonDynamite Episode three of the Napoleon Dynamite TV show aired last night (Jan 29, 2012).  If you haven’t heard of it, it is a cartoon based of the movie of the same name.  It is one of my all time favourite movies. So I was happy to see this show.  Didn’t see episode two but one and three were great.  The show has the same cast as the movie so that is a big plus.  While the show does so more over the top stuff it still has the same level of humour that make Napoleon Dynamite so funny.  Looking on Wikipedia they say there will be six episodes.  Two more airing in February and one in March.  Hope this show gets picked up for more episodes.