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My Time At Portia Hands On

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Have My Time At Portia a quick try (so far).  Have been playing a lot of No Man’s Sky which has be pulled back big time.  But Portia has been sitting my my desk for a week now.  Opened it up and downloaded the patch, there is all way a patch.  The game starts you off making your character.  Then you are on a boat heading to an island.  There is meet a guy who give you the first bunch of tutorial quests.  Did a few of these before shutting the game off.  What I like so far is the art style.  It is a nice looking game.  The menus look since as well.  However they are a bit un-user friendly in spots. Plan to play some more soon.  Will be back with another hands on update.

[Update] Have put some more time into the game since I first starting writing this post.  Very much like what I have played so far.  There is a lot to do.  Between exploring and crafting alone.  There is a more to it than that of course.  There are a few small bugs as well.  The screen will lock/skip every how and again.  Not a bit deal.  The other problem, some times text will get stuck on the screen.  This are a big deal.  They just standout.

My Time At Portia

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First seen the game, My Time At Portia, back in January (2019).  Watched a gameplay video and like what I have seen.  Learned it was coming to the PS4 this past May.  Wanted to get a copy.  You could buy it on the PlayStation Store.  However if you wanted a copy of disc and are in Canada you could only get it from EB Games.  Have looked on the website every week and it is all ways sold out online.  Where I live there is no EB Games.  A while back took a look for it on  Seen they had copies of the UK version.  Decided to take one more look the other day and was surprised they had copy of the North American version.  Jump at it.  Couldn’t pass it up.  Should be there some time at in the next week for two.  It’s coming from the other side of the country.

[Update] It has super fast shipping showed up in the main yesterday. Haven’t tried it yet.  Waiting for the weekend when I have more time.

My Time At Portia PlayStation 4 Trailer

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My_Time_At_PortiaFirst heard about the game, My Time At Portia, back in January (2019).   Seen a video of people playing the PC version.  It looks like a nice and relaxing games.  Kind of a mix of Minecraft, Harvest Moon, Dragon Quest builders.  Looked up more info.  The website it is coming to consoles in the Spring.  Well it is Spring now.  Looked it up again and it turns out the game is now out as of April 16, 2019.   However that it’s only on digitals stores for now.  I don’t mind buying digital games if they are cheap.  While it is cheaper than most new games.  $40.00 (Canadian) is too much to spend on the PlayStation Store.  Would like to get a copy on disc.  Looked on  They only have UK imports.  Next looked at EB  They have it for pre-order.  Their listing (> here) reads a release date of May 14, 2019 and a price of $40.00.  Not going to pre-order.  Will check back on that date and see if I can order a copy then.  If now will wait to it to go on sale in the PlayStation Store.  You can check out the PS4 trailer > here or below.  The game does look fun.

Upcoming Games

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It is a new year.  Which means more new games to look forward to.  Have blog about some of them all ready.  Have a big back log.  Looks like I will be adding more to it.   Some of these games will be out very soon.  While others may be this year.  Said this is bunch of times.  So may games so little time.  Below is a list of games I want to get.



Far Cry New Dawn

The Division 2

My Time at Portia

Cyberpunk 2077

The Last of us Part 2

My Time At Portia

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My_Time_At_PortiaHere is an up coming game I have to get, My Time At Portia.  Well it is all ready out on PC though Steam.  Watched a live stream did on it.  It had me wanting to play it right way.  The game is a mix of many different things.  There is a bit of Minecraft, Harvest Moon, Dragon Quest builders and the like.  It is an action RPG with craft, fishing, farming, exploring, fighting and adventure.  From what I read it will be out some time in the spring on consoles.  Will be buying this for sure.  There is a demo for it on Steam.  Might give it a try.  Check out the launch trailer > here or below.