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Another 3D Files Site

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You many know that I have a Elegoo Neptune 2.  It works great and will worth the price.  Have blogged a few times were to get files to print.  They will be linked below.  However came across anther site.  It is called   There is some interesting thing on there.  Some of the file a simple, while there are some more compilated as well.  Took a quick look though the site and seen some I would like to try.  Will be back with an update.  As the other sites they are, Thingiverse, My Mini Factory , Cults 3D and Prusa Printers.

3D Files Sites

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Now that my Elegoo Neptune 2 is working better.  Am on the look out for files to print.  There are a few sites out there that have free and paid STL files you can download.  Have talked about a few of them in the past like Thingiverse and My Mini Factory.  There are two more you can take at.  They are Cults 3D.  There are lots of awesome models here.   Many are free but some of the paid one might be worth it to you.  The other is Prusa Printers.  This site is run by the people who make the Prusa 3D printers.  The site is still in beta.  But there is some good things on it.

Tinkercad Hands On

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Made a post a few days back talking about Tinkercad.  This website lets you makes 3D objects that later can be used in a 3D printer.  After watching some videos on it.  Sign up for an account.  My goal is to make my own models.  Have a few ideas.  The first one I want to try to turn the YouTube channel, I’d Rather Watch Paint Dry, logo into a 3D print.  Once  I get better at the program would like to make a 3D paint can with text imprinted on it.


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TinkercadI know I am making another post talking about, Elegoo Mars 3D printer.  Have now printed a few things and happy how they turned out.  Would like to know how to make my own 3D models.  Took at a look at and there is a great free option called, Tinkercad.  This runs in you web browser and is very powerful.  Once you create an account you can save your files.  There are lot of tutorials on how to use it.  Am work my way threw a series of how to’s.  Which you can check out for yourself > here.  The best part about this site is you can download “.STL” files when you are done.  These can be loaded into you 3D printers slicer program.  Going to give this a try.


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ChituBox_LogoNow that I have my 3D printer a, Elegoo Mars, up and going.  Need stuff to print. The website I have looked at the most so far is My Mini Factory.  The first model I decided to print it Leo from the TMNT.  You can see the file > here.   You download .STL files.  Which is the model or parts of a model.  To get them to print you need to put them in a slicing program.  The one Elegoo comes with ChiTuBox.  If is free to use so if you want to try it out.  Watched some videos on how to use it.  The best ones I came across are from 3D Print Farm.  The program is not too over whelming.  Like than thing it takes getting use to.  Going to say after putting on supports on the Turtle.  You need take your time.  It will save you in the long run having them print out great the first time.  Below is a picture of the Turtle figure all ready to be printed.