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Ender’s Game Review

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EndersGameOne of the movies I have been wait to see is out on DVD/Blu-ray now, Ender’s Game.  It is based off the 1985 book which shares the same name, Ender’s Game.  The story set in the future where the military takes very smart young kids for training for a future war.  They do this because earth was attacked 50 years earlier.  They have been preparing for them to come back.  While the movie falls into to your standard military boot camp flick.  Where the main character has to fight against the bullies, find friends and “save the day”.  The ending of movie is something must different than I thought it would be.  Which makes it worth watching

This movie looks great.  Lots of interesting things happen.  It moved at at good pace just left like it was missing some pieces.  While most of the movie is made up a stuff we have all seen a thousand times.  The end of the movie kind of makes up for it.  This is a rent.

3 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

The Wolverine Review

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TheWolverineThis time of year is all ways good because all the summer blockbusters come out to rent or own.  One of them is The Wolverine.  I should have know this wouldn’t be that very good.  Was thinking this has to be better than the last Wolverine movie, X-Men Origins : Wolverine.  Which was bad.  While this one was better it is still pretty bad.  Not just bad but very long.  Over two hours of boring “super hero” movie was very disappointing.  Started off cool, back during WWII.  Then it turned boring and long.   Then gets good when the show the special tie in to the next X-Men movie during the credits.

If you were hoping this would continue the good Marvel movies streak then you will be disappointed like I was.  It dragged on way too long.  Then there isn’t much good action.  Don’t waste you time with this.

2 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

Iron Man 3 Review

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IronMan3Went and saw Iron Man 3 last night.  Wasn’t too sure at first if I would like this one.  The first movie was good but wasn’t that impressed with the second one.  With that out of the way.  Iron Man 3 is the best one of the bunch.  Enjoyed this movie every much.  Its looks the best of the three.  Mind you can see some of the CGI sticks out in a few scenes.  The story had some very nice twists.  But the best part is how funny it is.  I cracked up a dozen times.  I like when they don’t take themselves too seriously.  The action was fast paced and done every well.  It didn’t shake the camera or do fast cuts.  So you can see what is going on with out getting a headache.  There are some people complaining about some things that happen.  This complaints come from fan boys.  So ignore them they are going to freak out no matter what.

Enjoyed this movie very much.  Can’t wait to see it again when it comes out on Blu-ray/DVD.  If you get a chance to see this in theatres, go.  Even if you are not fan of super hero movies you will still enjoy this.  As they say, there is fun to be had by all.

5 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

The Expendables 2 Review

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TheExpendables2Going to start off saying I was very disappointed with the The Expendables 2.  Was hoping for a fun over the top action movie the way it was billed to be.  In an action movie the story is guaranteed to be some what silly.  But this one was really bad.  It was all over the place.  I chalk that to some pretty bad editing.  There are a lot of scenes that flow.  It felt like it was missing stuff.  It gets worst near the end.  Then there is the CGI.  It is really bad.  It looks so fake making it stick out like a sore thumb.  Have seen better CGI in online videos.

I say don’t waste your time and money watching this movie.  You might be saying, but there are all kinds of famous action movie actors all together in one film.  But that does not save it.  This a pass.

2 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

Johnny English Reborn Review

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JohnnyEnglishReborn Sat down and watched Johnny English Reborn.  Have been a big fan of Rowan Atkinson’s work very since I seen my first Mr. Bean clip.   Remember when the first Johnny English movie was about to come out.  Thinking how cool it will be Rowan Atkinson playing a goofy spy.  Was disappointed with that movie.  Have to say this one is way better.  While it uses all the standard spy/buddy cop movie clichés there are some good laughs in there.  I laughed out a bunch of times so that makes it much better than the first one.

If you are a fan of Rowan Atkinson you need to check this movie out.  He is all ways awesome.  While this movie isn’t best out there.  There are some good spots in it.  Don’t watch the trailer it doesn’t do the movie justice.  A very strong rent.

3 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

The Losers Review

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TheLosers Was looking forward to watching The Losers.  From watching the trailers it looked like a fun action movie.  Like most action comedies their are some very funny and some very cool action scenes.  How ever in between it is so clichés.  The bad guy is the worst for that.  The actor must have watched a bunch of 80’s action movie and said I’ll just do what they did.  Of course you watch an action movie for the action scenes.  This movie has a really great on about half way though.  I think it is worth watching the whole movie just for that scene.

This is very clichés action/comedy.  I am sure the comic books are much better.  This is a good rent but only a rent and watch once movie.

3 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

The Crazies Review

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TheCrazies Wanted to watch a “scary” movie.  So I checked out The Crazies since it was new to DVD.  The movie started off great.  The open scene at the baseball game was very good.  Was thinking if the rest of the movie is this good it will be awesome.  Well being a “scary” movie it has the standard hind in the dark and jump out scream scenes.  They weren’t very scary at all.  The story is kind of interesting but it has been there and done that to it.  The charters start off smart but get dumber as the movie drags on.  That was a bit disappointing.

This is a rent at best.  If you are looking for a scary movie this is not a good one.  The story is a bit interesting.

3 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)