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New Motorcycle Battery

Posted in Just something to say with tags , , , , , , , , , , on May 26, 2020 by getbent57

Good news to share.  I need  a new battery for my motorcycle.  Ordered one on May 21, 2020.  It shipped on the 22.  It showed up at the door today, May 26.  That was very fast shipping.  When I ordered it say some like maybe by May 28 to June 8th to receive it.  This means I should  be able setup a day to get new tires put on it.

New Motorcycle Battery

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Once again need a new battery for my motorcycle.  The one I have now, has been pretty good.  Bought it back in early May 2016.  It sucks that it wouldn’t hold a charge.  But it was much better than the one I had before that which didn’t even last a year.  Since I was happy with it decided to buy the same one again.  Which I got > here off through a third party.  Like everything that price as gone up.  Not sure how long it will take to get here with what is all going on.  Have my fingers crossed it’s less than a week.

New Motorcycle Battery

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Yuasa_YUAM727ZS_YTZ7S_Battery.jpgOnce again talking about the batteries of motorcycles.  A few post back talked about having to buy a new one.  Which I ended up ordering online.  Ordered it on May 2, 2016 and had it in my hands on the 5th around ten am.   Have to say that is very fast shipping.   Have gotten pretty good and taking the battery in and out.  So it has in within minutes.

One I got was sealed.  So you didn’t have to put the acid in.  It is all so ready to go right out of the box.  Once I had the battery in.  Then pushed the start button it had lots of power to turn the motor over.  Very happy I bought this battery instead of a cheap one.

New Motorcycle Battery

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Yuasa_YUAM727ZS_YTZ7S_BatteryA few post back talked about that I had a dead battery in my motorcycle.  Well sent some time looking around at my options.   Should I get another one from the dealer.  Buy a cheap one from Wal-Mart.   Looked online as well.  Found some options after looking for awhile.  There are so many types of batteries.   Did a search on, with no luck.  So changed up my search words.   Then seen a listing for Amazon.   Turns out third parties sell though them.   They even have a nice “does it fit” drop down menu.  You pick the year, brand and model and it will tell you if it fits.

Was going to buy a cheap one at first.  Then after thinking about it for a day.  Better off getting a good one.  Might have to wait a week or a bit more (hopeful less) before it comes in.  If I got a cheap one.  Would have to put the battery acid in and charge it up.  With this better one, it is good to go right out of the box.   Sure it cost more but it just might last longer than a year.  The one I got is > here.

Dead Motorcycle Battery

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Durabatt_YTX5L-BS_Battery.jpgYesterday (April 29, 2016) made a post talking about going for my first ride of the season.  The weather good out today.  So this morning decided it would be nice to take it to work.  Went to fire it up.  Was bit cold so it would be hard to start.  It wall most kicked over.  Then I heard the dead battery clicking sound.  Tried one more time.  Sure enough it was dead.  Wasn’t too happy.  Since I just got that battery last May.  Now have to go buy another one.

New Motorcycle Battery

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Durabatt_YTX5L-BS_BatteryA few post back talking about needing and new battery for my motorcycle and had to order one.  Well it came in the other day.  Order it on a Thursday and had in my hands on Tuesday.  Which it’s too bad.  Well I got them to order it said it would be out about $60. When I went to pick it up it was much cheaper.  They must have found this cheaper one after I called.  Think this one was cheaper because you have to put the acid in the battery yourself.  The battery is a DurAbatt YTX5L-BS.

Putting the acid into the battery sounds scarier than it is.  It is a pretty simple process.  Not going to explaining it because found a video that does a much better job than I would.  If you are interested you can see that > here.  Not sure how long the batter will last being so cheap.  But so far I am impressed with it.  It was pretty cool one morning and it fired up on the second push.

Motorcycle Battery

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Motorcycle_BatteryA few post back talked about taking my motorcycle out for the first ride of the year.  Everything worked great.  Well a few days ago while getting ready to go to work it wouldn’t start.  Press the button and would only get a weird click sound.  When I got home from work took the battery out and charged it up.  Put it back it and it worked the first press of the button.  Went for a ride and everything was fine.  The next morning the same thing happened.  So the battery is toast.  This is the original battery.  So it lasted about nine years.  Which is pretty good in my book.  Gave the motorcycle shop a call to see if they had on.  Of course they don’t have any in stock.  So had to order one.  Not sure when it will be in.  Just hope its not to long.  Want to get some riding in.