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New World

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Have been interested in the MMO, New World, since it came out last September (2021).  Have tried other MMO’s in the past but could never stick with them.  This one looks to be more up to my gameplay style.  Well a few weeks ago, seen it was going for %50 off on Steam.  Now that I have a new mini PC on the way decided to buy a copy.  Looked at some videos on YouTube and people were able to play the game running on APU.  Just need to change some of the settings.  Looking forward to trying it out.

New World

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New_WorldHave been watching some footage of the new MMO New World.  It came out some time last week.  Have tried a few different MMO’s overs the years and never really stuck with any.  This one looks to be more my speed.  I more grounded.  They doesn’t seem to be much over the top magic and flashing colours.  Sadly it is only on PC.  Many be some day it will come to consoles.  Could give it a try my PC .  However I don’t think it will run it.  My video card is only 2GBs.

Neverwinter vs Black Desert: Prestige Edition

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Have made a few posts now talking about Neverwinter and Black Desert: Prestige Edition MMOs on the PS4.  After playing each for about six hours.  Have decided to stick with Neverwinter.   While I like the world of Black Desert and like the combat.  Find the menus and what to do every confusing at times.  With the other game is much easier to understand.  While all so adding the MMO layers to it.  With that being said just might go and give Black Desert one more try

Neverwinter On PS4

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NeverwinterThe free to play MMO action RPG Neverwinter has been around for many years now.  Back in 2016 it was out on the PlayStation 4.  Over those years have looked at it on the PlayStation Store but never downloaded it.  Have tried a few different MMO but never stuck with any.  Was board the day so gave this a try on my PS4.  It is all so out on PC and XBox One.  After making a character you go into a few tutorials missions.  These show the basics of the gameplay.  While playing those found the menu systems very confusing.  All most didn’t make though the open part of the game because found it very boring and generic.  However stuck with it.  Once that is over the game opens up more.  Did a few more beginner missions.  That was more fun.  Think I am going to try some more of this game out.