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Middle-earth: Shadow Of War

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Received a copy of Middle-earth: Shadow of War for Christmas.  Every since I first hear about this game back in March (2017) I have had my eye one it.  I played the hell out of the first game, Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor.  All most got 100% complete in that game.  So far have only played a few hours.  Much like the first game the combat is awesome.  It flows so smooth.  There is a lot more to look this time around.  The part of the map I have been playing is looks much better than the first.  There are a lot more colours.  One of the goals of the game is to take out the captains.  So far they all of different personalities.  While I did die a bunch of times.  It only felt cheep once.  The others because I screwed up.  In most games I put the game down if I die too many times.  This game however I keep going to get my revenge on the orc that took me out.

Middle-earth: Shadow Of War Gameplay

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Last week when I was surprised by the announcement that the sequel to Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor.  Was on the way, called Middle-earth: Shadow of War.  They showed us a very cool CG trailer.  Which you can see > here.  At the end of that video.  There was some text saying there will be game play video out on March 8, 2017.  Well, that is today.  Have to the first game is amazing.  This one looks every better.  They put out a 16 minute gameplay demo. You can see for yourself > here or below.  It looks like so much fun.  Will be buying it for sure. The game set to be out on August 22, 2017.

Middle-earth: Shadow Of War

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Middle-earth_Shadow_Of_WarThere was some awesome games news out this past Monday (February 27, 2017).   One of my favourite games on the PS4 and game in general is Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor.  Knew a some point there would be a sequel.  Well there is one coming very soon.  It is called Middle-earth: Shadow of War.  They put out a very awesome looking CG trailer.  You can see that > here or below.  On March 8, 2017 there will be some game play video out.   When I said the game is coming soon I mean in a about six months time.  The game is set to be out August 22, 2017.  If it is anything like the first game.  I will be buying it day one.

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor Review

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Middle-earthShadowOfMordor.jpgPut about 50 hours into Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor and still have a few side missions left to do.  To sum this game on in one word, awesome.  One of the best games I have played this year.  Was not bored once.  After all those hours the combat is still so much fun.  The game is mostly combat but there are lots of upgrades and perks you can get which makes it even more fun.  The story is good.  It takes place between the Hobbit and Lord of The Rings movies.  So they worked in some faces you will know.  But left it more open to tell an brand new story.

This is an open word game.  Which takes place over two maps which are about the same size.  They are not so big you get lost but all so fun to explore.  The difficulty was just right.  You will die at times but there is nothing that makes it feel cheap or too hard to get past.  Once you get the hang of the combat you can be taking out the Orc’s by the dozens.  The trick is not to be afraid to run way.  All so use all the tools you have at your disposal.  The game is so much fun.  It is a must buy.

5 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor Free DLC

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Middle-earthShadowOfMordor.jpgJust found out there is new DLC out for Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor.  Which is called The Power of Shadow bundle. The best part is, it’s free.  Not ever often free DLC comes out for games.  This DLC lets you play as The Black Hand.  There are all so three new Epic Runes you can get.

  • The One with Nature Rune makes you immune to poison attacks from Ukuk Captains or Ghuls.
  • The Ascendant Rune give you double focus time for slow motion ranged combat.
  • The Elven Grace Rune increases defense, which halves the damage of enemy strikes.’

Not sure if you have to finish the game or not play the Black Hand.  Am still not far into the game yet.  Still haven’t made it to the second map yet.  It is a very gun game.  Well worth the money.

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

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Middle-earthShadowOfMordor.jpgPicked up a copy of Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor the day it came out, September 30, 2014.  As I am typing this only played about an hour and a bit.  Since this game is open world there is lots to look at.  Right from the start the game can be a bit overwhelming.  There are lots of things  to look which can be a confusing.  It just take time.  For the gameplay is very nice.  Everything moves nice and smooth.  The combat is a mix of Assassin’s Creed and the Arkham games.  Which is cool because I enjoyed playing those game.  Will be back with an update once I get more into the game.

[Update]  At this point I have put in about six hours or so and only done two story missions.  Having funny just checking out the world.  Doing side missions and upgrade things is very fun.  The cool thing about this game the bad guy system called the Nemesis System.  Is different for everyone.  So far having a blast playing this game.

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor Trailer

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Middle-earthShadowOfMordor.jpgI know I all ready talked about Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor yesterday.  But going to again because there is a new trailer you witch is pretty cool.  This one is different because it shows off how everything will work in the game.  Not just pretty scenes and action.  It is about about nine minutes long.  The game is set to come out September 30, 2014.  Think this trailer will help people understand what this game is all about.  Check out the trailer called Everything You Need to Walk into Mordor Trailer > here or below.

Middle-earth: Shadow Of Mordor

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Middle-earthShadowOfMordorThis up coming Tuesday (September 30, 2014) the game Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor will be out.  In a very rare move the game will be out  a week early.  It was first announced it would be out October 7, 2014.  At first was planning on getting this game after I got ones higher up on my must play list.  Now that  Assassin’s Creed: Unity has been pushed back.  Think I will pick this one up day one.  Pretty sure this will be a huge game taking lots of time to get though.  Which should make this next-gen new game price point, $70, worth it.

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor – Weapons and Runes Trailer

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Middle-earthShadowOfMordor.jpgThere is a new trailer out for Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor.  With E3 just around the corner there will be lots of new info out about some new games.  Think they are putting some this stuff out before E3 just so it doesn’t get lost in a flood of gaming news.  This new trailer shows of the main character, Talion’s main three weapons and how you can upgrade them.  You can check out the video > here or below.  It does look every interesting.  The game does have this Assassin’s Creed feel to it.  Think that is a good thing since I love those games.   Shadow of Mordor will be out October 7, 2014 for last and new gen.  This game is on my list of game to look out for.  There are so many coming this fall/holiday it will be hard to decided which ones to get first.

Middle-earth: Shadow Of Mordor Trailer

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Middle-earthShadowOfMordor.jpgThis has to be the coolest and may be the best Lord of The Rings games to date.  Talking about Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor.  There is a new trailer out > here or below.  It’s a very slick trailer.  But the best thing is they give us a release date.  Which is October 7, 2014.  What makes this game cool is, it has this Assassin’s Creed feel in the Lord of the Rings universe.  Back in January the game makers put a game play video which you can check out > here.  It is coming out for current and last gen consoles minus the WiiU.  There are lots of great games coming out later in the year.  This being one of them and we still have E3 to look forward to.