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Back in January (2017) made a post talking about LaunchBox.  This program is a frontend program that brings a bunch of game emulators together in once place.  In that post share a video of Metal Jesus Rocks showing it off.  You can see that > here.   Ever since than have been thinking about trying it out.  Now that I have a new computer.  Think I will give it a go on my old one.  Have a few days off together soon.  So hopping to give it a try then.  Will be back with an update on how it went.


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LaunchBoxWas watching one of the newest videos from Metal Jesus Rocks.  He and a friend were updating his arcade cabinet.  Which you can see > here or below.  They then showed it off working.  The software it was running has the coolest and slickest interface I have ever seen.  The program is called LaunchBox.   Not hundred percent sure but think it use the same backend as RetroPie,  which is RetroArch.  Think I will give it a try on my computer.  The website does say it can run on Vista.

Cataloguing Video Games

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RF_GenerationA few years back I tried to catalogue my video games.  Didn’t do a very good job of it so gave up.  A week or so ago was watching of Metal Jesus Rocks videos about this subject.  Which you can see > here.  In that video he talks about a few different website sites, programs and apps you can use to do this.   After watching that video thought I would give this a try again.  Took a look at the ones he talked about.  As well, did a Google search.  There are lots of options out there.  Have decided to give a try.  From what I have read it has one of the biggest databases on game as well as box art for just about every game ever.   The site looks pretty simple to use as well.  Will make another post about how it is going when I give it a try.

Metal Jesus Rocks

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Metal_Jesus_RocksHave been spending more time on YouTube as of late.  Not just to look at silly videos.  Have discovered there are all kind of great channels.  Were people are all ways posting new stuff.  One of just really like is Metal Jesus Rocks.  He is this rock-n-roll looking guy that talks about old video games.  He has been posting stuff for years.  Have watched a bunch of this new videos. All were great.  He and his friends cover all kinds of topics related to old games.  Some of were are very informative.  If you are into video games and or collecting ones check out his channel > here.