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Marvel’s Jessica Jones

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I know.  I am very late to the party.   Have watched the first three episodes of Netflix Marvel’s show Jessica Jones.  Had some time off.  So made some time to watch more of Netflix.  Really enjoyed the Daredevil show.  So I know I would be interested in this one.  Well, was hooked right away. Can’t wait to see the rest of them.  This is an amazing show.  I can tell just after the first episode.  Have read the the second season will be out some time in March 2018.  Will be adding that to my list as well.

Marvel’s Jessica Jones Trailer

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Marvels_Jessica_JonesThe next Netflix Marvel show Jessica Jones has a real trailer now as well as a release  date.  Which is November 20, 2015.  I must admit that I never finished watching the first season of Marvel’s Daredevil (yet).  Not because it is any good.  It is pure awesome.  Find it hard to keep up will all the great superhero shows.  Jessica Jones looks just as amazing.  From the trailer > here or below you can see that she has some super powers.  What all so it cool about it.  Is it’s set in the same world as Daredevil and the movies.