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PIXEL For PC And Mac

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Raspberry_Pi.pngBack in June (2016) got myself a Raspberry Pi 3 kit so I could run RetroPie on it.  The Pi was designed to be a low cost computer which uses as version of Linux.  If you buy a kit it comes with what they call PIXEL pre-installed on a SD card.  Just before Christmas they announced that there is now a version of PIXEL which can run on PC or Mac.  Think it this is pretty cool.  You can run it off a UBS drive, or DVD.  However it is still prototype mode. So you can’t install in on your computer yet.  But think there is will be a full release soon.  If you want to try it out of read more about it go > here.


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UbuntuHave talked about different types Linux a few times in the past.  This time talking about Ubuntu.  This is because I am working on some ones computer that is very messed up.  My plan is to put Ubuntu on it.  Have never really installed Linux before only tired the Live CD or USB versions.  But first I have to ask them if it is ok to do so.  The only problem is this person is not very computer savvy.  This version of Linux is very user friendly can see them have trouble.  Will be back with an update if they so its ok and if I got it to work.

[Update]  Well have to say that Ubuntu is awesome.  It works and works great.  But the DVD, booted it up and it was installed in no time.  Picked up the Wi-Fi no problem.  Updated itself which was nice.  No know trouble installing flash and Skype.  It even picked up my external hard drive.  It is all so super fast.  Would highly recommend this to any one looking to ride or use with Windows.  The OS is pretty sweet.  Might just put it on my old netbook.

Slax Linux

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Slax_linux_logoA few posts back talked about Linux and the Linux Live USB Creator.  Have tried it out with a few different version of Linux.  While the creator software works.  Did have trouble getting it to work both in side Windows and booting off the USB.  While it would start to load with Windows it would get an error and crash.  So tried it again with three different versions.  So problem happened.  When I would boot from the USB the would start to load and that would be it.  So said to myself, there has be be a different way.

So that how I found Slax.  Tried this one and it works great.  Its very simple and easy to set up and use.  Once you have the files unzipped on your USB drive.  You just have to double click one file to make it boot off the USB drive.  Next all you have to so is reboot your computer and set your computer to boot from the USB.  It comes with lots of very day software.  But they all so have modules you can download.  They are easy to use as well.  All you have to do is copy them into the modules folder on the USB drive.  Another cool thing is since its runs off the USB it can save your setting as well as your files.  So you will not loss them when you shut down.  You can all so move it from computer to computer and every thing will stay the same.

Linux Live USB Creator

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LinuxLiveUSBCreatorWas talking to a friend the other day about new computers.  We then started talking about Windows 8.  Then thought about trying a version of Linux.  Over the years I have tried a few bootable Linux live CD’s.  They were ok but for some reason I could never get them to connect to the internet.  Then a few years back I bought netbook and tried a copy of Ubuntu that runs off of a USB.  Had the some problem so I gave up.  Started looking into trying it again and come across the site Linux Live USB Creator.  Looks very cool and easy to do.  Going to give it a try on my next day off.  Will be back with an update on how it goes.


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HPMini The other day I picked a HP Mini netbook.  Its is the 210-1010CA version.  They had them on sale at Staples.  It is pretty cool.  It works just like any computer just a lot smaller.  It has Windows 7 Starter on it. Win 7 is very much like Vista but there are some things that are different.  One really cool thing is there is a quick HP OS thing.  It allows you get check email, look at pictures and what not with out booting into Windows.

I gave the netbook edition of Ubuntu a quick try.  I just ran it off a USB drive.  It loaded up quicker than I thought it was going to do.  It works and looks great.  How ever had a problem trying to get online wirelessly.  Going have to look in to get that working.


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Ubuntu I have heard great things about Ubuntu (Its a form of Linux operating system).  Going to give the netbook edition a try.  Picked up a HP mini netbook yesterday (June 4, 2010).  They had them on sale at Staples.  It is pretty cool.  Want to see how well Linux runs on it.  It has Windows 7 Starter on it and HP’s own slim down OS on it as well.  Going have to pick up a new USB thumb drive.  I have one but don’t want to format it.  Once I give it a try I am pretty much sure I’ll have another post about it.


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netbook Have been thinking about buying a netbook for awhile now.  I think they are pretty cool.  Would like to get one to play around with and put Linux on it.  There are a few problems though.  There are so many to choose from and there prices very.  But the biggest issue I have do I really need another computer and will it sit there colleting dust.  Going to get an eye out, might find a good deal.