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Lexar MicroSDXC 64GB

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Lexar_MicroSDXC_64GBHave made a few posts talking about the AVerMedai Live Game Portable 2 Plus game capture device.  In order to save the footage you need a Micro SD card.  When looking at a local store.  They had a bunch to choose from.  Some brands I never heard of.  Decided on the 64GB Lexar High Performance 300x microSDXC UHS-1.  Own about four Lexar USB thumb drives so thinking they used make good cards as well.  Have not tested it yet.  Waiting for my day off.  To set up the Game Portable.  Which I need to do a firmware update first.  Will be back with another post.

Lexar JumpDrive S70 64GB

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Lexar_JumpDrive_S70_64GBCould not past up a sweet deal on a new USB flash drive.  Bought a 64GB Lexar JumpDrive S70 for a little under $20.00.  The price for the storage is pretty amazing.  Own two other Lexar USB drives and never had any problem with them.  The last one I bought back in 2013 was all so a S70 model.  But was only 8GB and cost me about $10.00.  Which was a very good deal back then.  Then only think is am not sure if it will work on my computer because I am still running Windows Vista.

Lexar Jumpdrive

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LexarJumpdrive8GBBought myself a new USB flash drive.  It is a 8GB Lexar Jumpdrive S70.  Wanted a new one just to use with my OUYA.  First off it all ways surprizes me how these drives have come down in price.  Back in 2003 or so a 256 MB that’s right MB not GB was close to a $100.  Now you can find 32 GB or so for under $30.  Picked this 8GB for $9.67.  Looked online at the Lexar site they want $15 for the same one and over at (not them but a seller though them) are selling the it for $31.  I pretty sure soon you will be able to buy a good brand name for just one or two dollars.