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LEGO Worlds Hands On

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Have been keeping my eye on LEGO Worlds since I first heard about it.  It is just like Minecraft with a LEGO twist.  While in at Best Buy seen they had one copy left and a price of $30.00.  Couldn’t pass the deal up.  So bought it.  As I am typing this June 27, 2017 have only played the opening tutorial level.  There seems to be two modes one is, you crash land on a planet.  Discover what you need to then fly to another one.  The other mode is creative. Were you can build what you want.  The game is two player co-op.  Not sure how that works yet. But should be fun.  Just like every other LEGO game I have played the menu system is very confusing.

[Update]  Have gotten around to playing so more of this.  Once you get past the opening worlds.  Which show you how to use all the tools the game gets better.  The worlds get bigger and more things to do.  Plan on trying the creative mode out next.

LEGO Worlds

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LEGO_WorldsA few years ago heard about a interesting game called LEGO Worlds.  It a PC game in early access on Steam.  The game is an open world/sandbox that is procedurally generated.  You can pretty much built anything you could in real life LEGO in the game world.  It would lets you build with predefined elements or you could build brick by brick.

Well years later the game is official coming out.  Not just on PC.  The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are getting it was well.  Game is set to be out March 7, 2017.  The date could change of course.  Another cool think about it is the price.  Retail in Canadian money is $30.00.   Might just get a copy.