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DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow

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DCs_Legends_Of_Tomorrow.jpgFirst heard about the new TV show DC’s Legends of Tomorrow back in May (2015).  This will be a new spin off from the Arrow and The Flash shows.  Featuring characters we know from those shows.  Those two shows have been building up stories for them heading into this new show.  They are have a big cross over event starting December 1, 2015.  Back in May they had a prof of concept video out (no longer on YouTube) which was pretty awesome.  There is some real news to share.  The show will start Thursday January 21, 2016.  From what I have read there will be sixteen episodes.  There other big news is there is a real trailer out.   Which you can see > here or below.  Have to say it looks really good.  I sure hope it is just as good as Arrow and The Flash.  Really love those shows.

DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow

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DC\'s Legends of TomorrowThere has been a rumour going around of awhile that there would be another spinoff for Arrow.   There is all ready  The Flash.  Which is really good by the way.  This shows are very popular so it turns out the rumour is true.  The show will be called DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.  It is set in the same world as the other two shows.  Which is awesome in my book.  There will be some crossover characters.  The show is set to air mid season next year.  So my guess is in January when the other two shows take their winter break.  There is a trailer > here or below.  It’s not your regularly trailer more of proof of concept.  Have to say it does look pretty sweet.  I will be watching for sure.  The more the better in my book.