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Perfect Viewer Review

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Here talking about Perfect Viewer.  First off you might be saying what is it.  Well it is an image/comic viewer app for Android devices.  Oh and it is free.  I am using it on my Kobo Vox.  Have been using this app for about two weeks now so thought it is time a review.  Enjoy this app every much makes reading comic so much easier then I was before.  It is all most better than reading the physical copy.  The colours stay nice and sharp.  The text does wash out or get bury.  It all so lets you pinch and zoom.

Highly recommend this app.  Not only does it work awesome it is free as well.  If you are looking for a comic book reader for your Android device this is what you need.

5 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

Perfect Viewer

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PerfectViewer I own a Kobo Vox and have been using the program Calibre to convert books and comic books to the epub format.  That program works awesome and highly recommend it.  The one thing I don’t like is how it convert comic books.  Again it does an awesome job but when I put them onto the Vox the picture doesn’t fill the screen and you can not zoom it.  So that makes reading some of the text/speech bubbles difficult.

Got thinking there has to be be a better way.  After some searching found the app called Perfect Viewer.   But first I had to update the firmware so the Vox could install apps that are not in the market place.  Have used this app for all most two weeks and love it.  Highly recommend it as well.  Once installed all you have to so is copy your files on to the Vox, open the app, find the file you want to read and you are good to go.


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Yesterday I talked about buy a Kobo Vox.  Liking it so far.  Had some books and a comic I wanted to try on it.  The Vox uses the ePUB formant.  So I need to convert them to that formant.  After a search, the best option that kept coming up was Calibre ebook management.  This is a great program.  I can convert just about any file into the right format for any type of ereader you might have.  The only downside I see so far is that once the file is converted and put into the Vox’s library it will not let me zoom in.  Going to look into changing the setting in Calibre to see if that will help.

One thing that is a bit of pain about the Vox’s is.  Once you drag the epub files over they do not show up in the library.  You have to import them.  At first I was reading you need to put the files on a Micro SD card then import.  I don’t have one so I decided to just try press the import content button and it worked.  Was happy about that.

Kobo Vox

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Picked up my Christmas gift to myself today (January 16, 2011).  I know it is January now but I all ways get myself something.  This something was a Kobo Vox.   Tried to get one during the Boxing week sales but they didn’t have any.  Was looking at this weeks Future Shop flyer and they had them on sale, saving $20 off the sticker prices.  All so had two gift cards so I got a real good deal on it.  The only down side is they only had the hot pick ones left.  Well it doesn’t really matter.  Just was hoping to get a black one.

Going though the setup right now.  It is downloading and installing an update.  First impressions are the box it comes in is very nice.  The Vox it’s self is nice looking as well.  Not too heavy.  Will come back later on with another post talking about it and what not.  The pictures below are of me opening it up.




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KoboVox Planning to get myself a Kobo Vox as a Christmas gift to myself. Most years I get myself something after all the sales are on.  Gave my mother the Kobo Touch as a Christmas gift.  She really loves it.  While I am not a big reader, I do like to read.  Like the Vox because it has a colour screen and has tablet like features.  All so I will be able to get and read graphic novels/comic books on it.

Went out last night during the Boxing week sales to see if I could get one.  Have two gift cards to Future Shop.  But they didn’t have any left.  Well go back in a week or so.  May be by then they will have more in stock.