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Revopoint POP: Precise 3D Scanner

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Revopoint_POP_3D_ScannerThere can be some cool things on KickStarter from time to time.  Seen a bunch of people on YouTube talking about the Revopoint POP Precise 3D Scanner.  The channels mostly talk about 3D printer.  They were given preproduction models to try out.  From what they showed it does work pretty good.  Even with some hiccups.  Then the talked about the price.  Say it was pretty affordable if you did back the KickStarter early.   That is all in well in US money.  Took a look at the this ( the link is above) or the KickStarter > here.  Even with the their percentage off it still costs around $500 Canadian.   Do think the device is pretty cool.  But will have wait a bit before thinking about getting one.  May be some time next year there will be a price drop.  Or someone else comes to mark with something like it.


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It was last January (2018) it first heard about NESmaker.  It was was on Kickstarter then.  Now is out for everyone who wants to buy it.  This program lets you makes NES (original Nintendo) games with out know how to code.  Which is cool.  But there is more.  You can buy a kit what you can flash your game in a new cart. Which can be played in the original nes or a clone system.  But you can all so run the games though emulation.  They have a bunch of great tutorials on there site > The New 8-bit  Haven’t tried out because it cost $36.00US.  This is not a bad price just don’t know if I would use it enough to justify the price.


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NESmakerCame across a cool program on KickStarter night now (Jan 2018).  It is called NESMaker.  This let you make original NES (Nintendo) game with out any coding.  There are a bunch of programs out there that you make games with out knowing any code.   However this one stands out not just because it makes NES games.  It will all so let you flash the game rom to a brand new reusable cartridge.  This will let you play the game on a real NES or any of the clones.  Or you could just run the rom on PC though an emulator.  This all sounds pretty cool.  You can find out more by clicking the link above or going to The New 8-bit site.

Exploding Kittens

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Exploding_Kittens.pngMy copy of Exploding Kittens came in the mail the other day (August 5, 2015).  It was a very exciting day.  Had seen a few people has pictures of their copies online.  But didn’t look at them very closely because I wanted to be surprised.  A few days before that bought a bunch of plastic card sleeves to protect the cards.  Don’t want anyone messing them up.  I backed the KickStarter were you get the regular deck plus the NSFW one.  Below are some pictures.  Will be back when I get to try it out with some people.

When I first opened the box and see the invoice.  It cracked me up.  They customized it with your name and address.  You can see what it looks like below.  Then when I opened the main box it meows at you.  Which all so made me laugh.  Took a look at all the cards from both decks.  Which are all so very funny and well done.  Did try to rounds of the game.  Messed up on the first one.  Didn’t set the deck up right and we were still learning the rules.  If you are looking for the rules the have a nice video > here as well as how to set up the deck.  It was fun to play.  Looking forward to trying it out with others.



Exploding Kittens

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Exploding_Kittens.pngHave a new update on Exploding Kittens card game.  Getting closer to having my copy very soon.  The people behind the game gave and update on, July 20, 2015.  About the game started shipping.  So, should have my copy some time in August.  Have been looking forward to trying this game out ever since I first read about the KickStarter back in January.  Am sure along with everyone else who is getting one.  I will be posting pictures.

Exploding Kittens

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Exploding_Kittens.pngOne step closer get getting my copy of Exploding Kittens card game.  The Kickstarter ended back in February (2015).  They have been very regular with updates one how every things was going.  Back on May 28, 2015 received a backers survey email.  It was just to confirm you name and mailing address.  All so if you wanted to buy more copies of the game.  You could do that as well.  Sure receive an other email when my copy is shipped out.  I am guess it might be here some time in July.  When I do get it will be posting pictures for sure.

Exploding Kittens

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Exploding_Kittens.pngThe Kickstarter for Exploding Kittens as ended (February 19, 2015).  Making the most back project ever on Kickstarter.  The last time I talked about his they raised four and a half million dollars, with 112,000 backers.  Well its much higher than that now.  It is over eight and half million with over 219,382 backers.  Which is pretty amazing.  I am one of those backers.  Not really into card/board games and am a big fan of The Oatmeal.  So can see myself playing this.  Some time this summer “should” be getting mine in the mail.  Pretty sure the guys behind the project will keep everyone up to date.  Will be back with more info when here is more.

Exploding Kittens

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Exploding_Kittens.pngBack again talking about Exploding Kittens.  If you haven’t heard about this you need to check it out now.  It is a card game being made by the guy behind The and two others.  It is now the most backed campaign in Kickstarter’s history.  As of (January 28, 2015) they have over 112,000 backers.  Which has raised about four and a half million dollars.  Taking about this again because I am one of these backers.  They said if they reached 100,000 backers they would turn the NSFW expansion into to a full stand-alone game.  Which can be mixed into the regular game.  Not sure when I well get my copy.  The site says “Estimated delivery: Jul 2015”.  Will get posting updates when I get more news.  There is still time to back this, go > here.  It ends February 19, 2015.

Exploding Kittens

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Exploding_KittensIf you haven’t heard but Exploding Kittens have taken over the internet.  This is a new card game that is looking for funding on KickStarter.  The game is being made by guy behind The and two other guys.  First seen this on the day it went up on KickStarter January 20, 2015.   The goal was for $10,000.  Which they got in a matter a minutes.  The next day took a look at it again it reached over two million dollars.  I am a big fan of The Oatmeal and his brand of humour.  Own two of his books.  Not really into card games.  However this one I can see myself playing.  Think I will give some money to this project.  The game looks like it will be a blast to play.  You can check it out >here or yourself.  There is all so a video explaining things > here or below.

[Update] January 24, 2015.  The KickStarter pledges is over three and a half million.


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Ouya.jpgYes, back again talking about the OUYA.  Now that I have one.  Thinking about trying to make a game for it.  It might be fun to give it a go.  Would like to make a simple one, nothing special.  Not to sure what is all involved to make one.  There will be some programing for sure.  Would need to look up a lot of help for that.  Since I am not a programmer.  But do understand some of it.  Just don’t know to put that all together.  I know the SDK or that they are calling it ODK is free to download and use.  As I am typing this (July 24, 2013) there is a new version out, 1.0.6.  You can download that > here.   They all so have a help section under their Developers Portal > here.   When I have some free time going to look into this idea a lot more.  Will be back with updates.