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OUYA In June

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Ouya.jpgTalking about the OUYA again.  Have some good news to share.  It turns out it will be out in June, 2013.  You can still pre-order on their website.  Was reading some articles about it on  In the states it will be available in box stores like GameStop, Best Buy and Target as well as online through Amazon.  Got thinking, wonder if it would be on  Took a look and sure enough it is > here.   The best part is still only $100.00.  Thought it would cost more here so that is nice to see.  Still on the fence about getting one.  Think I will wait till there are some reviews on it as well as the games.   The other article I was reading on Gamespot > here.  They are saying here will be a new version every year.  As parts become cheaper and tech changes happen.  thought this was a stupid idea at first.  Then they say all the games will be backwards compatible.  Then if you do upgrade they say the games are tied to your user account not the machine.  Going to take a wait and seen stance.   But I am very interested.


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Ouya.jpgHave not talked about the OUYA since the summer.  If you still haven’t hear about this, I’ll tell you.  It is a new video game console coming out some time in “March?”.   They say it will cost $99.  It is built on Android and all the games will be free to try.  My guess some will be demos and other will have microtransactions.  Back in December they sent out all their developer consoles to the people that are making games.  The reason its very interesting other than the price is the fact that the game will be downloaded.  It cuts out the middle man.  All so the games will be made by all kinds of different people.  Some will be big time developers and other would be indie.   Just wonder how the games will be priced.  Thinking the first bunch of game will be phone ports but I could wrong.  You can still pre-order one over that their website.   Would like to get one but I will wait and see how it turns out.


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Ouya Heard about the OUYA last week some time but didn’t play much attention to it.  Until yesterday when a few friends started talking about.  After watching the video below and reading about it on their Kickstarter page it does sound very cool.

What the OUYA is an open source video game console using the Android operating system.  Being an open platform.  It will allow people to mod the console and all so make it easier for independent game makers to get there games out.  They said if they reach the goal on Kick Starter they will have it out in March 2013.  Well they gone way beyond there goal by millions.  The best thing is the price.  It will cost $100.00.  There is still time to get in (Ends August 9, 2012)  early if you make a pledge.  There are a bunch of different price points, each with there own rewards.

I am going to take the wait and see how it turns out.  If it is any good I can see myself buying one.