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Justice League: War Review

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JusticeLeagueWar.jpgAll ways look forward to a new DC Universe Animated movie being out.  Justice League: War is the newest one out on February 4, 2014.  While I just have to buy this one since I own all the others.  Wasn’t to sure about this one at first.  From the clips I see it seems a bit flat and boring.  How ever after watching it they have proved me wrong.  This is another great DC animated movie.  This movie is based off of Justice League: Origin  which is part of The New 52.  Which is a total revamp/relaunch of the DC comic book lines.  So this movie is a bit of origin story.  It is a much different take on the origin story which is nice.

Another awesome watch.  Look great, sounds great, the action is great, the acting is great and it has some pretty good funny moments as well.  You can’t go wrong watching it very entertaining.  Not sure if non-comic book fans would like this since some many not know who all the characters are.  How ever this might get then interested.  As all ways they have another hit on there hands.  It is a must watch.

5 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

Justice League: War

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JusticeLeagueWarJust a reminder that the next DC Universe Animated movie, called Justice League: War will be out soon.  Very soon in fact February 4, 2014 is the day.  Own all these movies and will have this one as well.  Not sure how good it will be compared to the others.  It is based of new material from the 2011 storyline, Justice League: Origin.  They put out a new clip > here (or below) back at the beginning of January.  While the clip looks good.  It just a bit boring.  Think they would have picked something better.

Justice League: War Trailer

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JusticeLeagueWarHave another trailer to share.  This time it is for Justice League: War.  This is the newest DC Universe Animated movie.  Set to come out February 4, 2014.   It is based off of The New 52 storylines.  It fact they say it is based of the Justice League Vol. 1: Origin storyline.  The plot has aliens invading lead by Darkseid.  So Batman must get the heroes together to form the Justice League.  Sounds like this is a new telling of their origins.  The trailer > here or below looks pretty sweet.  They all look different so that will be nice to see.  Another movie to had to my collection.