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Justice League Blu-Ray Review

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Got around to watching the Justice League movie Blu-ray the other day.  This is another prime example of not to listen to what people say about a movie on the internet.  Just watch it for yourself.  This movie was great.  Think I have seen just about every animated versions of the Justice League in TV or movie.  This felt like a live action version of those.

This movie flowed along nicely.  Never was once bored .  Every actor seems to be into the character they played.  The action stuff was pretty awesome.  Sometimes in these comic book movies the storylines try to cram too much into them.  This one thankful did not.  Every scene made sense and worked well with what happened after it.  The only thing I didn’t like was that there was too much green screen.  Over all every much recommend watching this.  Not sure if they make other Justice League movie.  I hope they do.

5 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

Justice League Blu-Ray

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The Justice League movie has been out on digital platforms for a month now.  On March 13, 2018 it was out in disc formats.  Bought a copy on Blu-ray.  Have been looking forward to seen this movie.  Ever since I seen the first trailer back in March 2017.  I didn’t seen this in theatres.  Have read and heard lots of people complaining about it.  They did that with Batman vs Superman as well.  Which I didn’t think was bad at all.  Will be back with a review as soon I get a chance to watch it.

Justice League Blu-Ray

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Justice_League_Blu-RayThe Justice League movie was out in theatres back in November (2017).  Never got to seen then.  So have been waiting to hear when it would be out on disc.  Have read that the movie will be out in digital formats February 13, 2018.  then a month later (March 13, 2018) on disc formats, 4K, 3D, Blu-ray and DVD.  There has been a lot of negative talk around this movie.  But I don’t listen to that.  I judge movies once I watch them myself.  Then decided if its good or not.

JUSTICE LEAGUE – Official Heroes Trailer

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JUSTICE_LEAGUE_MovieThere is a new trailer out for the Justice League movie.   They are calling this the Official Heroes trailer.  This will be the fifth in the DC shared universe movies.  Each one there was been a lot of negative things said about them.  Well not so much for Wonder Woman.  Have seen them all and they are know were as bad as some on the internet claim.  Like the others there has been lots of talk about Justice League.  For myself I think it will be pretty awesome.  Even more so after watching the newest trailer.  Which you can see for yourself > here or below.  It will be out in theatres November 17, 2017.  Looking forward to watching this

Justice League Trailer

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Justice_LeagueThere is a new trailer out for the Justice League movie.  There has been so much talk, hype and hate around these shared  universes DC movies.  I liked Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.  Suicide Squad wasn’t great but not as bad as some harped on about.  Do think the Wonder Woman movie will be really good.  That movie and Justice League might just change peoples minds.  Then again they could be really bad.  Either way I will watch them.  You can see the trailer > here or below.  The movie is set to be out November 17, 2017.