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Jupiter’s Legacy Cancelled By Netflix

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Jupiters_Legacy.jpgVery much liked the first season of Jupiter’s Legacy on Netflix.  Was looking forward to a season two.  Turns out that will not be happening on Netflix.  Read the other day they said the show was not coming back.  That is a bit of sad news.  Many have been thinking that another place will pick the show up.  That has happened to other show in the past.  Will be keeping my eye out for more info.

Jupiter’s Legacy Review

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Jupiters_Legacy.jpgHave watched the first series of Jupiter’s Legacy.  Very much like what I seen.  A different take on a superhero world while still having elements we all know.  The show jumps between to times lines.  One in the 30’s and the other in now times.  Love the look of the 30’s.  Every thing is very detailed and sharp looking.  They even changed the aspect ratio when switching between the time lines.  As for the story it’s self.  While interesting, there are spots were it keeps repeating or becomes generic.  That being said there are some good twists as well.  Figured out one of the big twists before the last episode.  The show ends with a cliff-hanger.  So now we have to wait for a second series.  Which I think will be better because they would have worked out more of the kinks.   Over all enjoyed the show and recommend checking it out.

4 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

Jupiter’s Legacy Few Episodes In

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Jupiters_Legacy.jpgOver the weekend watched the first three episodes of the Netflix show, Jupiter’s Legacy.  Am a big fan of superhero shows and movies.  Some get it right and others not so much.  So far this one is getting it right.  The story takes over different timelines which has be done say in the Arrow show.  However this is more interesting because the past story takes place in the 1930’s around the stock market crash.  Another thing I am digging about the show is new take on the Superhero’s.  They have powers we all know but it nice to seen them in new characters.  Well they are new to the people who have not read the comics.  Plan to check out the rest of the episodes over the week.

Jupiter’s Legacy

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Jupiters_Legacy.jpgBack in April (2021) I seen the trailer for the Netflix show Jupiter’s Legacy.  This is based of the comic of the same name, Jupiter’s Legacy.  They said it would be out in May.  Was thinking it would be near the end of the month.  Well I was wrong it out now, as of May 7, 2021.  There is eight episodes.  So my plan it to watch it over this coming week.  Am not one to sit down to binge a show.  Like to saver a show.  Will be back with a review at some point.

Jupiter’s Legacy – Trailer

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Jupiters_LegacyIf you are a TV and movies super hero fan.  It has been many great years with no slowing down.  There is another interesting show coming to Netflix in May (2021) called Jupiter’s Legacy.  This is based of the comic of the same name, Jupiter’s Legacy.  it is written by Mark Millar.  Who you might know from the Moves Kick Ass and Wanted.  You can check out the trailer > here or below.  Think it looks like a good show.  From what I have read there will be eight episodes.