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Joker Silhouette 3D Print

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Joker_Silhouette_3D_PrintFound another Batman related 3D file I want to print.  It is a silhouette of Joker.  The version from the 90’s animated series.  It looks supper cool.  You can see if for yourself > here.  I do have some black, green and white paint.  Will just have to buy some red. Thinking this shouldn’t take long to print.  Will be back with an update when give it a try.

JOKER – Final Trailer

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JOKERHave been reading about the up coming movie JOKER for years now.  You know how the internet all ways gets their pitch forks out when it come to different takes on characters they know.  It was no different when they announced this standalone DC movie starting Joaquin Phoenix.  I am more and wait and see what happens.  A little while back they put a out a few tease videos.  Which I liked.  Then they put out one last trailer.  Which you can see > here or below.  Just know this movie will be really good.  Reviews have popping up on YouTube from big sites.  Didn’t watch any of them but the titles suggest it is really, really good.  Another thing about this reviews.  The movie isn’t out until October 4, 2019.  Am guess the movie makers are trying to get a good word of month out there.  Looking forward to seeing this myself.

Funko – Mystery Minis – DC Heroes & Pets

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Think I might have a bit of a problem.  Have bought two more Funko vinyls Mystery Mini’s.  Really like colleting these.  But I limited myself to a few every so many months.  All so like to collect from different product lines.  This time the two I bought are from the DC Heroes and Pets Line.  They are a bit too cutesy for my taste.  All so they feel really cheap compared to the other Mini’s.  The ones I got are Joker and Krypto.