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Johnny English Reborn Review

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JohnnyEnglishReborn Sat down and watched Johnny English Reborn.  Have been a big fan of Rowan Atkinson’s work very since I seen my first Mr. Bean clip.   Remember when the first Johnny English movie was about to come out.  Thinking how cool it will be Rowan Atkinson playing a goofy spy.  Was disappointed with that movie.  Have to say this one is way better.  While it uses all the standard spy/buddy cop movie clichés there are some good laughs in there.  I laughed out a bunch of times so that makes it much better than the first one.

If you are a fan of Rowan Atkinson you need to check this movie out.  He is all ways awesome.  While this movie isn’t best out there.  There are some good spots in it.  Don’t watch the trailer it doesn’t do the movie justice.  A very strong rent.

3 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

Rowan Atkinson On Top Gear

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Was looking up info about series seventeen of Top Gear.  Saw some cool news.  Rowan Atkinson is going to the guest in the “Star in a Reasonably Priced Car” in episode four.  This is pretty cool.  Have all ways wonder if he would ever be on this show sine he is a big gear head.   He all so has a new movie coming out Johnny English Reborn.  Watched the trailer is does look pretty funny.