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James May’s 20th Century

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JamesMay20thCenturyA little while back I was watching some of the old Jeremy Clarkson’s DVD’s I have found on YouTube.  While there on the side bar there were ones with James May.  There is one show called James May’s 20th Century.  Watched one episode.  Really liked it.  James May is great at this documentary type shows.  He is very interested in what ever topic he is talking about.  All so very funny.  This show first aired back in 2007.  With only six episodes I am going to have to check them all out. Think all six are on YouTube.

James May’s Toy Stories

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JamesMayToyStoriesA few posts ago I was talking about the new series Top Gear.  When I was looking up the video for that post.   Seen a link to another video with James May.  Turns out it was a new episode of his show James May’s Toy Stories.  Have only seen one other episode a few years back.  Thought they stopped making this show.  When I looked it up there only eight episodes (so far).  The first six aired back in 2009.  The next one didn’t air till June 2011.  Now this newest one “Flight Club” aired December 23, 2012.  You can check it out > here or below.  Just don’t know how long this will be on YouTube.  Since some time this things don’t last too long.   It is a very good show. Very entraining.