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The Suicide Squad Blu-ray

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the_Suicide_Squad_Blu-rayI won’t have much longer to wait to see The Suicide Squad.  Just read the the movie is set to come out on Blu-ray October 28, 2021.  When I seen the trailers for it back in June.  Just know it will be a very fun movie to watch.  As you many know am a big fan of DC so I pretty much have every movie the have put out since some time in the early 2000’s.

The Suicide Squad – Official Trailer #3

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The_Suicide_Squad.jpgWhen I had seen the red band trailer for The Suicide Squad back in March (2021).  Just knew it would much better than the other Suicide Squad movie.  Well there is another trailer out. Which makes it the third one.  You can see > here or below.  It does show some new things.  It has a much different feel than the red band one.  Still think this is going to be a very fun watch.  It is set to be out in theatres and HBO Max on August 6, 2021.  I have not plans to go to a theatre anytime soon.  So will have to wait for the Blu-ray.

The Suicide Squad – Official Red Band Trailer

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The_Suicide_SquadWhen the 2016 Suicide Squad movie was out, was hyped to see it.  Like others ended up being very disappointed with it.  Flash forward to 2021 and there is a new movie coming The Suicide Squad.  Then I first heard about this and that James Gunn was behind it knew it would be better.  After watching the Red Band trailer.  Which you can do > here or below. (You will need to be singed in with your Google account, may be?).   Now think this will be even better than I first thought.  We will find out soon.  It set to be out August 6, 2021.