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GTA IV: The Lost And Damned

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TheLostAndDamned The DLC The Lost and Damned for the Xbox360 is out tomorrow (February 17, 2009).  It is looking pretty cool.  There are some cool new weapons and vehicles.  The new bikes look really good.  The best new weapon looks like the Assault Shotgun.  That means its a fully automatic shotgun.  You can buy/download it off of Xbox Live or you can buy it at a store.  You don’t get a disc but a token card that gives you an unique code to download it.  You still have to have an Xbox Live account.  The one down side is I can’t play it because I don’t own and Xbox360.  But oh well, I’ll ask my brother how it was.


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grand-theft-auto-iv.jpgIt looks the PC version of GTA IV is having some trouble. According to a article there are complaints of frame rates, small draw distances and crashes.  Even some powerful computers are having trouble running it.  Which is a shame because the the game is one of the best ever.  This is one reason why I don’t buy or play games on my computer.  It is so much easier to buy games or a consol.  That lest then you know they will work.