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VectrMany months back briefly talked about  This is a free website that create vector graphics.  Vectors are pretty cool since the can be scaled to any side.  So they are great to lets say T-shirt designs.  I am think it would all so be great for 3D models.  Something like a simple logo.  Then export it as an .svg flie.  Which can be easily imported into Tinkercad.  Going to give this a try and see what I come up with.


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About three years ago talked about a program called Inkscape.  This drawing program lets you do vectors.  Unlike other drawing programs, vectors let you scale up or down without the lines getting pixelated.  Well, gave this program a try.  All so like a lot of of programs there is a lot going on, on screen.  All kinds of options and menus.  Can be very overwhelming.  Have tinkered with a few different ones over the years.  So had some idea on now to work it.  My goal was to come up with some test logos for a YouTube channel I am working on.  The program is free.  So if you want to give it a go.  Clink on the link above.


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InkscapeFew post back talked about the project I am working on.  Am using my Wacom Bamboo Splash tablet with the drawing program called ArtRage 3 Studio.  While it is very cool software.  Want to try use something different.  All so wanted to try out a vector based software.  Because I like the the clean lines you can make.  Mind you most vector based programs can be hard to use at times and cost lost of money.  How ever found one open source and free called Inkscape.  As I am typing this post (January 27, 2014)  have yet to try it out.  Not even sure if my Bamboo Splash will work with it.  Will be back with an update when  I do.  This program does look pretty cool.  They have a great help/learn page.  With tutorials, videos and even books.