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The Boys Trade Paperbacks

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Years ago got all The Boys trade paperback digital though a Humble Bundle deal.  While the power was out for a few days a week or so a go.  Decided I should get around to reading them.  They have been sitting on my tablet (which I don’t use very much).  Turned that on and was surprised there was some power still in the battery.  Managed to read the first two trades.  Was shocked to see what why got away with.  The push pretty hard with the violence and sexuality.  My goal now is to read the other ten volumes.

DiRT Rally Free Humble Bundle Code

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DiRT_Rally_PCNeed to act fast if you are a fan of the DiRT games.  Over at the Humble Bundle Store they are giving away a free Steam codes for DiRT Rally.  Am a huge fan of the main line DiRT games.  This one is a more realistic version of car rallying.  Never gave it a try.  But know I can and so can you.  As I am typing this (August 30, 2019) there is about a day and a half left before the deal is gone.  You can get it > here.

The Boys Trade Paperbacks Digital Versions

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The_Boys_Vol_1_The_Name_Of_The_GameA few post back talked about the Humble Bundle that had 25 digital trade paperback.  Twelve of those were for The Boys.  With the show based off the comic out now, The Boys, what to give these a read.  Couldn’t pass up the deal of a bit over $20.00 got all the comics.  Have read the first volume.  Was a bit surprised there they went with the story.  It is nothing like I ever ever read or seeing in a comic.  Considering the books started it’s run in 2006.  It pushes pretty hard on the violence and sexuality.  I don’t have a problem with it just shocked it even got published.  Now to read the next volume.

Humble Comic Book Bundle

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humble_bundleHave gotten games and bought one thing from the Humble Bundle Store over the years.  There other part of their site which the started out with is the Bundle part. These bundles can be pretty much anything.  Like games, programs, books and comics.  The ideas you pay a little bit and unlock some items.  Pay even more and get more.  They recently had one that had all 12 volumes of The Boys trade paperbacks as 13 other trades.  This one had my interest because I seen the trailer for The Boys show on Amazon Video.  It looks like a crazy over the top superhero show were the superheroes are not the hero’s people think they are.  At that point didn’t know any thing about the comics.  So jumped at this bundle.  for a bit over $20.00 Canadian got all these trades digital.  Have started reading the first trade and am liking it a lot.  Thinking they might make good quick reviews for I’d Rather Watch Paint Dry,


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PsychonautsEvery now again Humble Bundle Store gives a way an awesome PC game way for free.  All you need a Humble account, which is free and a Steam account which is all so free.  Back in 2016 they gave away DiRT 3 complete Edition.  They have given away lots since then.  Some of which I missed out on because there is a time limit.  As I am typing this (September 15, 2017) there is only a day left.  You can go > here to get it.  It is pretty easy to do.  Once signed in go the game page.  The the item to your cart and check out.  They will send you a code.  Which you put into Steam.  However you have to act fast because there is a time limit on this code as well.

DiRT 3 Complete Edition

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Dirt_3_PCFor two days Humble Bundle Store was giving away free copies of the PC version of DiRT 3 Complete Edition via a Steam code.  Couldn’t past this deal up. Love this game, own it on my PS3.  All ready have a Humble account and a Steam account so it was easy to get.  Once you put the game into your cart they send you a code to put into Steam.  Once on Steam you put the code in which gives you nine days to download it or it will go way.

Wasn’t to sure if my computer would run the game well or at all.  Download it any way because am planning on getting a new computer next year.  Didn’t take long to download.  Fired it up and it ran.  The game runs pretty good on my old Windows Vista with 3 GBs of ram.   The only thing is I don’t have a controller for my PC.  So playing the game with the key board it not that much fun.

RPG Maker VX Ace

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RPGMakerVXAce.pngGot around to trying out RPG Maker VX Ace this past weekend.  Have played around with RPG Maker XP.  Which they are both kind of the same VX Ace is much more streamed lined.  My goal is still to make a game but first need to learn how to use this program.  Found a great tutorial > here.  You can read it right on the website.  There is a download button but you have to sign up at the site.  How ever the user has posted a link to were you can download a PDF and a copy of the game you will make using the tutorial.   Have gone though the first 30 pages or so.  It is very helpful.  All so found another useful site  There are lot of tutorials there as well along with lots of other stuff.

RPG Maker VX Ace

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RPGMakerVXAceBack in August had a post taking about how I was using the trail version of RPG Maker XP to make a game.  The time is up that trail.  Was debating weather or not to buy it.  They are about $25.00.  The newest and better version RPG Maker VX Ace is going for $70.00.  Have good news this past weekend over at the Humble Bundle Store they had VX Ace on sale for $17.49 US.  Could not let this deal pass me by.  It was on sale for $17.49 US, so I bought.  In the end it only cost me $20.27 Cn.  Which is a very good deal.   It was a very easy process.  Signed up for an account at Humble Bundle.  Paid for the program with Pay Pal. Which only took second to process.  The thing was they sent me a link to program to work with Steam.  So had to sign up for that as well, then link Steam to Humble Bundle.  Then use the Steam to download it. Now that I have it I will have unlimited time to make a game.