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Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition Free – Play At Home

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Horizon_Zero_Dawn_Complete_Edition.jpgKind of forgot that Sony was giving away free digital copies of Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition.  This is part of their Play At Home campaign.  It was back in March (2021) they announced that this game will be free (meaning you don’t have to have a PlayStation Plus account) from April 19 to May 14, 2021.  They say the April 19 but really it will be the 20th in my time zone.  So starting tomorrow if you own a PS4 or 5 log into your account and get it.  I do own a copy on disc but haven’t gotten around to trying it.

Horizon Zero Dawn – Complete Edition

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Have picked up another game for my every growing PlayStation 4 collection.  It is Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition.  Have been wanting to play this game every since it came out 2017.  A while later they put out the complete edition.  This has the expansion, The Frozen Wilds, as well as the other DLC.  Seen a few times for sale.  At those time didn’t buy it because I was getting something else.  Then every seen it again.  Until the other day.  Like to check out the cheap game section every now again because you never know what you will find.  This game is what I found.  Picked it up right way.  They were only asking $20.00.  That is an amazing deal.

Funko – Mystery Minis

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Has been awhile since I bought some Funko vinyls Mystery Minis.  Took a quick look at a local store to see if they had any new Funko products in.  It looks like they are getting rid of the section.  They didn’t have much.  But they did have some of the Horizon Zero Dawn mystery minis marked down to $5.00 each.  While I haven’t played the game they are based off (plan to at some point) bought two any way.  The ones I got are Watcher and Helis.

Days Of Play 2018

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Days_Of_Play_2018For the past few years Sony has been running a program called Days of Play.   It happens right around E3.  This days of play is when they have a bunch of PlayStation’s, games and accessories on sale.   This year the have a very cool limited edition PS4.  You can see what it look like by clicking the link above.  They have controllers on sale.  As well as a bunch of great games.  Some going for $30.00 and others for $20.00.  One is which is,  Horizon Zero Dawn – Complete Edition.  Want to pick that one up.  Last year they had PlayStation Plus on sale.   I hope they do that again.  Will find out soon. The sale runs from June 8th to 18th, 2018.  It reads at the bottom of the webpage, while supplies last.  At participating retailers.

Horizon Zero Dawn – Complete Edition

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Horizon_Zero_Dawn_Complete_EditionTook a look back at post I made back in September (2017) about upcoming and games that are all ready out.  Which I would like to get.  One was Horizon Zero Dawn.   It was on sale during the black Friday sales.  Was tempted but remember that there was a new version out soon called the Complete Edition.  This will of course will have the main game.  Will all so come with all the DLC and The Frozen Wilds Expansion.  All that for what games used to cost, $60.00.  This version will be out December 5, 2017.  Will be getting an eye on this.  Might even get it cheaper during the Boxing week sales .

Games List

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Has been along while since I blog about up coming and games all ready out.  Which I would like to get.  There is and will be many awesome titles to choose from.  Can’t get them all.  All so don’t have the time to play them all as well.  There are some I have to have day one.  Another I can wait to a price drop.  The problem with a price drop the time it comes around there mostly like another new game I just have to get.  Below is a list of games off the top of my head. There is mostly like more.  Just can’t think of them at the moment.  What games are on your list?  Leave a comment below.

Some up games I would like to get.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Far Cry 5

Assassin’s Creed Origins

Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Games all ready out I would like to get.

Horizon Zero Dawn

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

BioShock: The Collection