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Stabilizing Video In Hit Film Express

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Have been using Hit Film Express 4 now for a few months now.  It is an awesome video editor.  You can do lots of simple to complicated stuff with this free version.  The project I am working on now has a lot a shaking.  So looked up some tutorials and found a good one.  Which you can see > here.  He does a great job walking you through the steps.  The clip he uses has some shaking in it.  The clips I have are a thousand times worst.  So had to change up some the steps he did.  The project I am working on will take a lot of time to fix.  Thinking I might have to do this to every 5 seconds of so of video. Not sure how well it will turn out.  But willing to try.

Hit Film Express 4

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Have talked about Hit Film Express 4 a few times. Talking about it again because have to some more time into using it.  My brother and I have started a YouTube channel.  Which is called I’d Rather Watch Paint Dry.  Over the years have used a few different video editing programs. So, didn’t have much trouble using this one.  Not only this this version free to use it has lots of built in and powerful features.  The of the coolest is built in compositing.  This allows you to all kinds of visual effects, motion graphics and animation.  There is all kinds of help and tutorials on YouTube.  Used this feature to make the opening clip, closing clip and the lowered third text box.

Am very impressed with this program and happy to keep using it.  Would recommend this to any one would just want to edit simple videos to more involved projects.  Like it some much thing about buy the full version.

Hit Film Express 4

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Finally got around to downloading and trying Hit Film Express 4 out.  Have been wanting to try this video editing software out for a long time.  This program is free to use.  All you have to do is sign up at that the website. Then they send you a download link.  Once I had it installed.  Give it a go.  Have used a few different video editing programs over the years.  So I had some idea on how to use it.  If you are new to editing, they have all kinds of tips, tricks and tutorials out their YouTube channel.   I must say the program is pretty slick.  It looks nice and seems pretty easy to use.  Will take some practice to used to the interface.  Since the other programs I used to use was different.

Hit Film Express

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Hit_Film_LogoHave discovered an very cool looks piece of video editing software.  It his called Hit Film.   There is the main paid version with all the bells and whistles.  However there is a free version called Hit Film Express.   What makes this standout besides being free.  You can edit videos but it all so has built in VFX software.  So you could make one of the those cool videos you might have seen on YouTube.  With light sabres or shoot outs.  Sadly I can not try it out.  My computer is too old.  Am still running Windows Vista.  Still might give it a download to see if it might run.  If not, am playing to buy a new computer in the new year.   Time for an upgrade.