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Hiccups Season One DVD

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Picked up season one of the TV show Hiccups today (Jan 21, 2011).  Forgot to buy it last week.  Was planning to pick it up when it came out on the 11th.  Oh well, no big deal.  Watched the first four episodes.  All 13 episodes are on two disc’s.  There are some special features on disc two.  Not sure how good they are.  It has cast & crew interviews, behind the scenes and show opening.  Not show how the show opening is a special feature.  Look forward to watching all the episodes again.  All so looking forward to season two.  Which I think will start airing some time in February.

Hiccups Season One DVD

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HiccupsDVD Taken a look around and found out that the season one DVD of Hiccups will be out January 11, 2011.  Will be picking it up for sure.  Not to sure when the second season is going to start.   The website says winter/spring.  My best guess is some time in February.  That is the same time window the first season aired.

Hiccups Season One Review

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The final episode of season one of Hiccups aired last night (June 28, 2010).  Wasn’t to sure if I was going to like this show at first, since I am a big Conner Gas fan.  When I watched the pilot episode I was thinking its an ok show but not to sure.  The show got better as the episodes went on and the characters got to do more.  I have to say episode six called Carry on Camping was my favourite.

I know season two is going to be ever better.  Now that they have all the characters worked out.  Just like Conner Gas this show will get better and better with every episode.  The first season was great.  Here is to season two being awesome.

5 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)