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Gymkhana Six

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GymkhanaSixThey are back with another Gymkhana video.  This makes the sixth one and Ken Block has out done himself yet again.  These videos are all ways awesome.  A few days ago I heard they would be put this online November 11, 2013.  Well today is the 12th so you might got see it yet.  You check it out > here or below.  This guy can pull of some crazy things with his car.  They way they film these all ways keeps you interested to see what cool thing will happen next.  That being sad this was the most boring one yet.  Think it was because the location.  The other all ways were set some were cool.  Using the environment around them.  On the other had it does say right in the full title, Need For Speed: Ken Block’s Gymkhana Six – Ultimate Gymkhana Grid Course.   They did but a very awesome course.  Thinking I was expecting too much.  All it is interesting to see that Ken Block is not with EA and the Need For Speed series.  He was been with the DiRT series for a long time now.  May be he will be with both.

Making Of Gymkhana Five

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GymkhanaFive.jpgBack in July Ken Block’s and crew put of Gymkhana Five video.  A few days ago they put of the making of video > here and below.  Really enjoy these videos so it was nice to see how one is made.  Why they don’t go into too much detail how they do it.  But it takes a lot of people and gear.  From this video it was shot over four days.  They used all kinds of cool looking cameras.  Pretty sure they will be a new Gymkhana video out some time next year.  For now just watch the old ones.  My favourite is still Gymkhana Thee.

Gymkhana Five

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It is here.  “What is here?”, you say.  Well it is the new Gymkhana video from Ken Block.  The full title is Gymkhana FIVE: Ultimate Urban Playground; San Francisco.  Really like it.  This one took it back to the pure driving skills with out all the extra stuff they had in the last one.  There is some pretty crazy stuff in this one.  For example.  He is drifting up a hill causing the car to jump sideways at the top.  You need to check it out.  For the best viewing click > here to see it in HD or just watch it below.  What are you waiting for go watch it now.

Gymkhana FIVE

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GymkhanaFive There is a new Gymkhana video on the way.  According to this > article it will be out July 9th 2012.  Will be called Gymkhana FIVE which was filmed in San Francisco.  These videos are all ways good.  But my favourite was the third one.   If you have not seen than or only a few below are links to all of them.  Ken Block has some mad skills behind the wheel.

Gymkhana One > here.

Gymkhana Two > here.

Gymkhana Three > here.

Gymkhana Four > here.

Gymkhana FOUR

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GymkhanaFOUR Have been waiting to see the new Gymkhana video from Ken Block and his crew ever since they have been posting teaser pictures on his FaceBook page.  Well now it is here.  They really do a great job again. It didn’t seem as cool as the last video.  This one is more of a commercial for DC clothes.  Watch it for yourself below or check out the YouTube > link for the HD version.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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GK3FR2KEN04502 Ken Block is back with a new Gymkhana video.  This one is called Gymkhana Three, Part 2; Ultimate Playground; I’Autodrome, France.  It is freaking awesome.  He has out done himself let again.  This guy knows how to drive.  It is best if you go right to the video on YouTube and watch it in 1080p > here.  It is posted below as well.