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GTA San Andreas PS4

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Have put some more time into the PS4 version of GTA San Andreas.  Sure it’s a bit dated by today standards and the controls take some time getting used to.  That being said there is still fun to be had.  Played a hand full of the opening missions which act as tutorials.  Some of them I remember while others not so much.  There is one where you have to break into a house and take three crates.  Remember that one but forgot all about what that unlocks.  If you find a certain box truck it unlock a side missions which lets you break into other places.  Out of all the hours I put into the game back in the day don’t think I ever did any of those.

GTA San Andreas PS4

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GTA_San_AndreasIt was last September (2019) that bought the GTA Trilogy for the PlayStation 4.  Played the hell out of this back in the PS2 days.  The price was right so that’s why I bought them.  But never tried them out on till a few days ago.  When I booted up San Andreas.  This is my favourite of that bunch.  It will take some time to get used to the controls since they are a bit dated now.  All so find the games stutters in spots.  Not sure why.  Think I will try turning off widescreen.  The game was meant to be played 4:3 any way.  While I have all kinds of new games to play.  Think I will pick my why though this one.

Free Copy Of GTA: San Andreas On PC

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Rockstar_Games_LauncherIf the title caught your eye for a free copy of GTA: San Andreas for PC you are in luck because it is true.  However there is all ways a catch.  You need to download and install their new Rockstar Games Launcher.  What makes this launcher standout is, it doesn’t matter what digital store you might have bought their games from.  It just brings them together.  It all so adds cloud saves and automatic updates.  Thinking I might just do this just for this one game.  Not big into PC games but GTA: San Andreas is awesome.  If you are interested as well you can download it > here.