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GTA Online: After Hours

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GTA_Online_After_HoursBack in June (2018) RockStar Games put out a teaser trailer and some info on the next update for Grand Theft Auto Online.  Then didn’t have a releases date other than saying July.  All so there wasn’t a name.  Well that have changed now because it is called After Hours and will be out July 24, 2018.  That is all so the big update for No Man’s Sky is out.  As for this new add on for GTA Online it looks interesting.  They have a new trailer as well.  Which you can see > here or below.  They are bring back a character, Tony Prince, who was in the GTA IV.  Not sure how this new stuff will work.  But guessing will work just like all the other stuff they added over the years.  It most likely cost a lot of money to buy a night club then have to spend even more to upgrade it all.  Will check it out.  Not sure if it will keep me playing.

GTA Online: Nightclubs

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GTA_Online_NightclubsBeen a long time since I played Grand Theft Auto Online or talked about it.  Just might have to get back into it.  Because there is a big new update coming this July (2018).  Not sure what they will be official calling but I am saying Nightclubs.  The update will have you buying clubs and running them.  From the Rockstar Games blog post > here, “get in on the ground level as a business partner to open up a brand new establishment, and help the DJ’s make their shows the best ever. Run your nightclub business from setup, design, staffing and promotion.”

It sounds pretty cool.  Am sure there will be a bunch of other stuff going along with it.  We will find out more pretty soon.  They all so put a small teaser trailer you can see > here or below.

GTA Online: Business Week

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GTA_Online_Business_WeekHave not talked about or played Grand Theft Auto Online in many months.  Taking about it now because they running a very special event called Business Week.  They have had things like this in that past.  You log in during a set amount of time and you will get a set amount a money.  They are doing that again with a twist.  If you log in between now, May 8, 2018 and the 14th you will get $250,000.00 put in you account between the 15th and 21th.  Here is the twist.  If you log in every day during this week.  You will add $150,000.00 to the first amount.  So if you do this by the end the week it will total over a million.  This is pretty cool.   Of course there is more as well.  Like new cars, double GTA$/RP in some missions and races.  All so los of discounts on may things.  You can read the official blog post > here.

GTA Online: Tax Refund And Rebate

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GTA_Online_Tax_Refund_And_RebateThere is a new money promotion going on in Grand Theft Auto Online.  They are calling it, The 2018 San Andreas State tax refund and rebate.  What this means is.  If you log in between February 16th and the 26th you will qualify for $250,000 in GTA money.  Which will be put in your back account some time between February 27th and March 6th, 2018.  As for the rebate part.  During this same time you will get a 10% rebate on every thing you buy.  Which will be put back into your account all at the same time as the refund.  They have done this money thing, minus the rebate part, a bunch of times.  It is well worth doing.  You can read the official blog post > here.

GTA Online: The Doomsday Heist Facility

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Have been playing Grand Theft Auto Online off on for a few weeks now.  Saving up money to take part in the newest add on, The Doomsday Heist.  The idea is you have to own a facility first.  That is if you want to start it yourself.  You could all ways join a friend that has one or a random person.  What makes this one really standout for me is.  It can be played with two to four other people.  The other heist in the game you all ways had to have four people.  Only every tried one of two of these because it was way too hard to get four friends together to play.  However this new one will be easier with just one other person to ask to play.

The reason I am talking about this is, have save enough money to buy the cheapest one.  Which is located at the top of the map in Paleto Bay.  I have bought it.  Must say it is pretty cool looking inside.  Have not tired any of the heist yet.  Wait until I have a day off.  So I will have lots of time to play the missions.

Grand Theft Auto Online: Festive Surprise 2017

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GTA_Online_Festive_Surprise_2017The Festive Surprise is back in Grand Theft Auto Online.  Think this is the fourth or fifth time they had this yearly promotion.  They all ways have something cool for everyone.  I like that they have it snow every year as well.  With snow balls to go along with it.  You can read the official blog post > here.  This year they have added a new car adversary mode called Occupy.  There are all so all kinds of discounts.  Not sure when it ends.  But guessing early January (2018)

GTA Online: Treasure Hunt

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GTA_Online_Treasure_HuntThere is a cool new event going on in Grand Theft Auto Online.  It is petty much a treasure hunt.  The prize is a special double action revolver.  How it works, you receive an email (in game) with a picture of one of twenty locations.  Once you get the location.  You have to find a piece of paper.  Once you look at that.  It give you three more locations to investigate.  Once you do that, it unlocks the revolver.  But there is more to it.  This unlocks a headshot challenge.  If you finish that you are rewarded $250,000 in GTA money.  But the best part is it will unlocked it in Red Dead Redemption 2 when that game is out.  So it must not be to far off now.  If they are promoting that game.

[Update] Have started the treasure hunt.  Have a bit of trouble finding the last clue for some reason.  But will keep trying.

[Update 2] Have found the revolver.  All so finished the challenge.  It’s pretty easy to do. 50 headshots sounds like a lot.  But it you do some gang attacks it doesn’t take long.