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GTA Online: Executives And Other Criminals

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GTA_Online_Executives_And_Other_CriminalsThere is yet another awesome update coming to Grand Theft Auto Online.  The new update is called Executives and Other Criminals.  Which will be out on December 15, 2015.   You can head more about it > here.  Not really sure how it all works yet.  From what I have read I understand it like this.  If you are a VIP who runs their own operation you can hire and fire other players to be your bodyguard.  If you are a bodyguard you will get paid and what not.

The other big stuff is there will be new customizable apartments.  Not sure if you can customize the one you might all ready own.  But think it will work much like the lowriders do.  Which is that only certain cars can do it.  The biggest thing is there will be a huge super yacht to get.  They say it is fully staffed and upgradeable.  Am pretty sure the price tag on that will be a lot of GTA$.

There will all so be a new boat, helicopter and new cars.  All so new weapons as well.  You can see the new stuff in the trailer > here or below.


[Update]  First wrote this post before the content was out and very uploaded it.  Not the new content is out there if more information to share.  To be a VIP and hire bodyguards you need to have a million GTA$ in the bank.  To hire or become a bodyguard there in a new app in the in game phone.  They all so have lots of new game modes around the VIP stuff.  There are ten new houses buy.  Like I thought to get one of the customizable apartments you will have to buy one.   There are three to choose from.  They have ten new cars to buy as well as two new helicopters.  Two new weapons to own.  Of course there is all kinds of new cloths and accessories.  Oh, now you can own five garages or apartments.  Then here is the Yacht.