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A Game Of Thrones: The Graphic Novel Volume Two Review

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GameOfThronesGraphicNovelVTwoHave finished reading A Game of Thrones: The Graphic Novel: Volume Two.  First off I real liked Volume One.  This one however is much better.  I think it is because it found it own path.  The first volume was to close to the TV show.  Volume two does a much better job turning the book into a graphic novel.  The world is more alive it pulls you in just like the books do.  Enjoyed reading this a lot.  The art has so much detail it awesome.  Because it is graphic novel they can show a lot more than the TV show can.

Volume two is much better than volume one.  Does an awesome job of bringing you into the world.  Now looking forward to volume three which will be out in March 2014.  Not sure how many volumes it will take to finished off the first book.   But it would be awesome if they kept it going with the other books in the series.

5 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

A Game Of Thrones: The Graphic Novel Volume One Review

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GameOfThronesGraphicNovel.jpgFinished reading A Game of Thrones: The Graphic Novel: Volume One so now it’s time for a review.  First off this graphic novel is an adaption of the book A Game of Thrones.   They say that so it will not be confused with the HBO TV show.  Both being based on the same book there will be some things that are the same.  In some of the panels and scenes from the show are so close it looks like they were copied off each other.  While I did like reading this it just seemed to miss out on what makes the book and TV show so awesome.  That being said that is very hard to turn such a big and complicated book into a comic book.  For that they did an awesome job.  Just can’t  see non-TV/book fans buying these graphic novels,  Volume One or Volume Two.  Say this because it doesn’t do a good job bringing you into to the world and introducing the characters.

Enjoyed reading this graphic novel very much.  Have now started reading volume two.  Will being buying a copy of volume three when it comes out in March 2014.  Don’t think non fans of the books or show will becomes fans of the novels.  But fans of one or two of those are going to like this adaption.

5 out 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

A Game of Thrones: The Graphic Novel

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GameOfThronesGraphicNovelWas my birthday a few days back.  So I went to the book store just looking around to see if there was anything I would like to treat myself with.  The came across a bunch of copies of A Game of Thrones: The Graphic Novel: Volume Two.   Have heard about and seen the first volume(A Game of Thrones: The Graphic Novel: Volume One) on Amazon.  Thought about buying them before so I want not buy them now.  Picked the volume two then couldn’t seen volume one.  So I was thinking not going buy one with out the other.  So after a search found just one copy left, so grabbed it.  The graphic novels are an adaption of the books, A Song of Ice and Fire.   Am sure the HBO show, Game of Thrones as some impact of the look of the novels as well.  Speaking of the art it looks awesome.  Can’t wait to read them.  Just have to finish up one other book first.  Oh, Volume Three will be out in March 2014.

Superman/Batman: Finest Worlds Review

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SupermanBatmanFinestWorldsFinished reading Superman/Batman: Finest Worlds last night so it is time for a review.  Picked this hard cover graphic novel up a few weeks ago while I was in Halifax.  This book is a collection of three Superman/Batman stories.  The first one is very interesting.  It has both their fathers meeting up before Superman comes to earth and Batman (Bruce Wayne) was born.  The second story is a bit weird.  In the comic book world any thing can happen.  This story has “the Li’l League” a miniature version of the Justice League coming into Superman’s and Batman’s world causing all kinds of trouble.  The third and last story is the best.  It has Batman getting Superman’s powers and Superman becoming an average person.  The main plot of the story is how Batman comes to use and get out of hand with Superman’s powers.  How is tries to stop all the worlds crime not just in Gotham City.

Enjoyed reading this very much.  The art is super clean and sharp.  While the second story is a bit silly compared to the other two.  It is still a great graphic novel to add to my small but growing collection.

5 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

Batman Versus Bane

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BatmanVSBane Was in Wal-Mart yesterday.  Decided to got by the book section to see what was there.  Thinking there might be some short of book/graphic novel tie in with the movie The Dark Knight Rises.  I was right there kind of was.  Picked up the graphic novel Batman Versus Bane.  This is a collation of two stories. The first one is Batman: Vengeance of Bane.  The second is Batman: Bane of the Demon.  Parts one through four.

This was a quick but good read.  The first story is a telling of how Bane came to be.  I am guessing this is the official story since it is a bit different in some of the cartoons I have seen and in the latest movie.   The second story has Bane on a “quest” to find out about the secrets of the Order of Saint Dumas.  Which lends him to have a run in with Ra’s Al Ghul.

Liked this graphic novel.  It seemed like it was missing something in-between the two stories.  After looking into it.  Turns out this is story line where Bane breaks Batman’s back.   That story line was Knightfall.    Think I will look into getting that one.

5 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

Batman: The Long Halloween

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BatmanTheLongHalloween Got my hands on a copy of the trade paper back or graphic novel (what ever you call them) Batman: The Long Halloween.  Have heard from a few people that it was really good and it is good.  It first came out it was a 13 issues run.  That why these TPB are good, you get the whole story in one shoot.

As I said it is good and I will tell you while.  The story use a whole bunch of bad guys mixed in the the Falcone mob stuff. All so see how Two-Face came to be.  But the bet part is you can see that this story has influenced the movies Batman Begins and The Dark Knight.  After reading the first part it really stands out what stuff they used from this comic.  Now I am on a bit of a comic book kick.  Think I am going to have to go and buy some.

Game of Thrones: The Graphic Novel

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GameOfThronesGraphicNovel Was doing a search on Game of Thrones merchandise to see what was out there.  Found our there is a graphic novel out now > here.  What it is, is the first six issues of the comic book version of the books.  Looked on Wikipedia to find out more.  The comic is planed to have 24 issues.  So if I do my math right there should be three more graphic novels to come out.  It does look interesting.  Not sure if I will buy it since I am still only part way into the first book.  But will keep it in mind since I love the book so far and a huge fan of the TV show.